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  1. Thanks Brandon! To help things move along, I'm now offering a $200 price drop from my original price - now $1400.00 for the entire kit.
  2. Hi Adam, I seem to be getting views but I cannot tell if others are unable to respond or not to my ad. I'm getting views, but one of the policies affects responding to ads too. Is that because I haven't posted the required number of times? Thanks...
  3. Hi there, I have decided to sell the following Ikelite housing and ports as a kit. 6801.72 - NIKON D7200 HOUSING, (new purchase price 1800.00) 5510.45 - MODULAR 8 INCH DOME FOR FL SYSTEMS, (new purchase price 400.00) Neoprene 8" dome cover, (new purchase price 40.00) 5510.11 - FL EXTENSION FOR LENSES UP TO 2.75 INCHES, (new purchase price 150.00) 5510.35 - MODULAR FLAT FRONT, (new purchase price 200.00) 5510.22 - FL EXTENSION FOR LENSES UP TO 4.125 INCHES, (new purchase price 175.00) 4103.52 - Sync cord for two strobe system , (new purchase price 160.00) Total new purchase price – 2925.00 Willing to sell for $1600.00. My ports above were used with Tokina 10-17 and 60mm macro. Everything is in excellent working condition, well-maintained, and no issues. My price is firm, and is priced to sell as I look to upgrade. This does not include strobes or camera. For serious inquiries, please PM me. Please note: I am not looking to part out. Thanks, lhgpixdiver
  4. Hi there- Wasn't sure if you decided on the D7200 housing yet or not, but I am selling my Ikelite housing in excellent condition. The reason for parting with it is simply to upgrade to the DL housing. Along with the housing, I would sell my 8" dome port for the Tokina 10-17mm and my port for my 60mm macro lens. If interested, PM me, and I will come up with a reasonable price. Just decided to sell few days ago, so I'm still getting my parts listed. I will soon be putting on the scubaboards and wetpixel as a formal advertisement to sell, but since I seen this request, I am responding to this thread first (although this is an old thread). thanks, lhgpixdiver
  5. Willing to sell for $850 - housing only. PM me if interested, or can make reasonable offer.
  6. Price reduction - $875 (housing only). This housing is in excellent condition. Needs D7000 body.
  7. Price reduced to $950. Excellent condition.
  8. Still available. Willing to sell at great deal!
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