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  1. I have the Sony a6000 and the Meikon housing with the wet wide angle lens, which I intend to use for scuba diving in Hawaii next month (in 2 weeks, actually :-) I'm going to use the Sigma 19mm for wide angle. The other option I have for this is the Sony 16mm pancake, but that one vignettes in the Meikon housing--both with and without the fisheye conversion lens attachment (which I found out, regrettably, *after* I'd cut off the petals of the lens hood on the converter, to make it fit). I've looked at the Samyang 12mm, with an eye to buy one for use in UW WA...but, according to the dimensions listed on B&H, it won't fit in the Meikon housing. Or, am I wrong, in this supposition? Will it fit? I'd be delighted, if that were the case. Or, if there's another wide angle lens that will fit the Meikon a6000 housing without vignetting. Does anyone know of such a lens?
  2. I’ve recently acquired the Meikon 40m housing for the Sony a6000. I’m pleased to find that the Sigma 19mm and 30mm f/2.8 lenses fit this housing; yes, but what I really want to shoot with is a fisheye lens. It does not, however, appear as though there is a fisheye lenses for this setup. Every fisheye lens that I’ve found online for the Sony e-mount is too large to fit the Meikon housing. (If anyone knows of one that I’ve missed, please please pretty please tell me of it! :-) I do happen to have the Sony 16mm pancake lens, with the fisheye adapter. This won’t fit the Meikon housing, of course, due to the built-in petal lens hood on the adapter -- so I cut it off, enabling the lens to fit. Alas, but the lens-with-adapter suffers from vignetting in the Meikon housing! I can’t understand it, the lens is right up against the glass of the port; how can there be vignetting? Does anyone have the answer to this? Or, a suggestion for a possible solution? Or, knowledge of a fisheye lens for the Meikon a6000?
  3. Ah, but is Trident Silicone Grease good for the Neewer/Meikon o-rings? That's what puzzles me: how can any particular silicone grease be better or worse for a different manufacturer's o-rings? Aren't they all made of the same materials? I mean, I understand that a petroleum-based grease would cause a rubber o-ring to decay, but....a silicone grease?
  4. Interestingly, the Neewer company responded to the email I'd written them requesting information on how to get o-ring grease with this: "...o-ring grease is not necessary. But if you need it, you could order the grease elsewhere." Sigh. But Meikon told me that they'd ship to me if I made at least a $20 purchase. So, I bought three tubes of grease from them--I'll be thoroughly lubed up :-)
  5. I've recently purchased the Neewer housing for the Sony a6000. I understand this is a rebranded version of the Meikon housing (cheap! cheap! cheap!). One of the differences between the 2 housings is that the Neewer version does not include o-ring silicon grease. So, I thought, no problem: I'll just go to the hardware store and buy a bit of silicon grease. That'll do the job, right? Well...subsequent research has revealed that there are different varieties of silicon grease, some of which may damage the o-ring. My question is this: what sort of silicon grease should I use? Where would I get that grease? (Meikon sells a grease, but they oddly do not ship to my zip code--I live in San Francisco, CA, USA.) Thanks, I appreciate any help you can provide!
  6. Howdy, Folks: I'm a photography enthusiast in San Francisco, CA; I shoot with Sony cameras, DSLRs and DSLTs and mirrorless; I primarily do erotica. I've decided to visit Hawaii with my girlfriend for a week, and thought I might as well do a little snorkeling while I'm there--and, to enhance this experience, I've bought an underwater housing for one of my mirrorless cameras, a Sony a6000. I do have a few questions and concerns with that housing, but I'll post 'em over on the Mirrorless Cameras/Housings forum. Cheers!
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