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    ikelite ds-125
  1. Hi The trigger lever for firing my d70 was leaking every so slightly the area around the thread in the Ikelite housing Desperate measures where required I was on a safari boat in the Maldives I managed to seal the cracks (glue) around the thread and I managed to use the camera for the rest of the holiday but now I worry I will do more damage trying to unscrew and remove the fitting I reckon my best bet is it to bond the fitting permanently in the hole. I have no need to remove it the actuating trigger and internal oring can be removed no problem with the fitting in the housing I just need to bond the fitting in no leaks etc Any ideas thanks David
  2. Thanks for the reply When you said replace the o rings do you just mean the back cover o ring or all the smaller ones on the plungers and levers? I am reasonably competent at opening and servicing items I doubt it’s too difficult to remove the circlip and springs to replace the seals. The only thing that would concern me is ensuring I was replacing the o rings with one of exactly the same dimensions “looks the right size†ant good enough when you have flooded your camera Is there any technical data on the housings i.e. o ring sizes etc. As you said if it ant broke don’t fix it but I don’t intend to leave it until I get a leaky housing
  3. Ikelite servicing I have a Ikelite housing and a DS 125 strobe for my D70 everything is working fine Not wishing to cause problems but will the hosing ever require servicing. I am scrupulously clean with my system always keep it wet until the day or holiday is over and then soak it in fresh water and operate all the levers plungers etc. However nothing last for ever, does it require servicing if so when and do camersunderwater (UK supplier) carry it out. Those of you that have had Ikelites for some time do you ever carry out any maintenance out on them? Thanks in advance for any feed back
  4. Hi Hope you can help me I have a D70s DS125 and ikelite housing (first time using it so its still a bit hit and miss) Just returned from sharm and have a lot of photos out of focus First day I had it set on AF-s to try to ensure the camera would not fire unless it was in focus. I turned this off (set it on AF-c big mistake) because the camera would not achieve focus. I.e. stone fish just sitting there, the camera can not achieve focus on a reef why?? It was pot luck as to getting focus lock or not getting it So I put it on AF-c yes I now know it takes the picture but unless I had large f number the pis are out of focus so what is the best way ?? what settings do you have your camera on ? AF-s seems the best way if you can get the camera to achive focus any ideas etc hope you can help me bit dissapointed had a big turtle sitting slap bang in front of the camera it was even smiling for me and the pics are slightly out of focus ( I was eye ball to eye ball with it on my own one of those shots you will never get again!) Rgds + thanks
  5. I have recently purchased a D70s. Ikelite housing and DS-125 i did have a 8080 it took a while to figure out the best setup What basic setup would you recommend for the D70s Thanks in advanced
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