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  1. I have taken some underwater footage that needs a digital red filter applied to it. I have been looking around at video editors like Corel VideoStudio Pro and CyberLink PowerDirector, but I'm not sure if any of these allow for this sort of thing. Does anyone have any advice or software suggests to do this?
  2. The worm on this brain coral appears to be some sort of feather duster or star horseshoe worm, but as usual, there is no perfect match to anything I have in my Humann/Deloach book. I'm guessing it is a single worm with 2 plumes. Any ideas?
  3. Pretty common-looking sponge/coral (I don't know yet how to easily tell the difference). The closest thing I can come up with using Humann and Deloach is a red sieve encrusting sponge, but it doesn't look like a perfect match.
  4. Leslie, Yep, Humann and DeLoach. The only ID books I have at the moment are the Reef Series set (Reef Fish, Reef Creatures, and Reef Coral).
  5. Well, that would certainly explain why I couldn't find it anywhere in the urchin section! Now that I'm using the right book, it looks like a Variegated Feather Duster. Thanks for the pointer, I'm still a bit new at all this!
  6. Haven't seen anything like it in my critter ID books, but has an urchin-like appearance.
  7. Thanks Leslie! Yep, that's the one. I guess I don't have enough experience with my fish ID book yet to know where to look.
  8. This creature doesn't match anything I can find in my Reef Fish Identification book, so I'm assuming it's either to do with the wide variety of colors these fish can display or this is a juvenile fish.
  9. A couple weeks ago, while in the Caymans, I took some underwater shots of fish, plants, and other critters. I have identified all but 20 of my 200 shots, so I was wondering if someone could help me out with the rest. These are NOT exotic or difficult fish to identify. They are pretty common and plain-jane. If I had access to a saltwater fish ID book I could probably finish it pretty quick, but I don't have one with me at the moment and I've been having trouble Googling them. Some of them will undoubtedly be repeats of the same fish. Also, if you don't see any obvious fish or animal in the shot, I am probably wondering about the identification of the plants or landscape features. I.e. what kind of coral is it? https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/008_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/101_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/105_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/108_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/111_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/112_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/113_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/125_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/128_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/142_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/165_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/173_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/177_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/181_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/183_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/192_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/199_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/204_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/205_sea_c.jpg https://webspace.utexas.edu/youngba2/www/210_sea_c.jpg Even if you can (or only want to) help me identify a couple, that would be great! Thanks Blake
  10. Thanks for the info Kim. Could you please explain the TTL issue? Or at least point me to a site with a good explanation? I really don't understand what it is. Are TTL and a "manual controller" mutually exclusive concepts? Is one of these setups better/cheaper/easier to use than the other? For instance, does the TTL do all the lighting calibration automatically, whereas you tune it yourself with a manual controller? (I don't even know what "lighting calibration" means or if it is even a correct term, I'm just trying to get a feel for what TTL is.)
  11. For my birthday a few months ago I received a Canon PowerShot A520, and I am now in the market for a housing (and possibly a lighting system). I tried browsing around the product review sections and reading the beginner articles, but some of the terminology was over my head. I should mention, first and foremost, that I am not currently in the position to spend tons of money on the latest, most advanced equipment for professional-grade photography. This is something that I intend to do as a hobby, and I don't get a chance to do a lot of scuba diving to begin with. I was just hoping that given my camera and the housing that I am planning on buying, perhaps I could get some advice on a lighting system, or whether or not I even need one. The housing I am looking at is the WP-DC60, which seems to be the standard option available from Canon (http://www.canoncompanystore.com/epages/an...tail=9965A001AA). Unfortunately, when it comes to lighting, I don't really even know enough about the subject to ask any good questions. One thing that comes to mind is, will my choice of housing limit my choice of lighting system, or can lighting equipment be attached to most any housing? Another thing that seems to be a big deal is TTL, which I don't understand fully (and there seems to be a big debate about it among experienced photographers). From the little I've found on Google, I'm guessing this is the way the camera uses the strobe effect before actually taking the picture in order to gather information "through-the-lens" about the ideal lighting settings. For my particular camera, I notice that it does this (i.e. about 3 flashes, then the picture is taken). Is this TTL? Will it affect the lighting system I choose? Thanks in advance!
  12. Well, I suppose this is the proper place for introductions, so here goes. My name is Blake Young, and I am full-time college student at the University of Texas. I have only been diving for about a year or so, but I am eager to get into underwater photography. I went diving in Cozumel, Mexico last summer, and unfortunately I discovered that every single one of the pictures I took with my little $30 SharkDiver disposable underwater camera somehow ended up completely ruined. The reason for this is most likely...because I was using a $30 underwater camera. So, I received a nice digital camera for my birthday (Canon PowerShot A520), and I am now in the market for a nice housing (and possibly a lighting system). I will be creating a post about this in the Beginner's Forum in case anyone would like to help me out. Man, I'm glad I found this site!
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