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    ULCS stuff forsale

    I Still have the AD-200 strobe adapters everything else is sold.
  2. I have been cleaning out some gear die and photo that isnt being used often enough so I have some good deals for some lucky shoppers. I have them up here first for a few days or they go up on Ebay later. I have all the following ULCS components available most are new (never wet) or have seen light use in fresh water only. 2 - BA-AQW Base adpaters $17.00 ea. 2 - DB-08 8" dbl ball arms $35.00 ea. 2 - DB-12 12" dbl ball arms $35.00 ea. 3 - AC-CS clamps $21.00 ea 3 - AC-CSF clamps $21.00 ea AD-200 ike strobe base adpaters $17.00 ea. I will ship UPS in the USA price does not include shipping unless you buy it all together then I will ship in the 48 states for free. International OK but it must ship insured or prepaid by wire xfer. Paypal works for payment. Any questions PM or hit me direct at mike@horseworks.com
  3. I am selling my Nexus housing for the Nikon D70 including a 8" dome port w/ covers, a flat macro port, spare O rings, tools, manual, and ULCS base mounts on the handles. The dome is new never been in the water. Everything in perfect working order, never flooded, camera works flawlessly. No lens are included. Email me at mike@horseworks.com with questions or offers. $2900.00 includes shipping in the 48 states.
  4. I have a Ike substrobe 200 for sale. Includes battery, charger, diffuser, and Nikon to ike cord. Everything is in working order, battery takes and holds a charge. I bought 2 of these a couple of year ago to use a remote fill units on and in some wreck projects I did and they worked flawlessly. I have used them for WA shots on my camera with good results. $200 neg. includes UPS shipping in the 48 states. I can ship internationally email for a quote on shipping, Paypal best for payment.
  5. For a 100% dry low tech solution use 2 zip lock bags, one inside the other for insurance. Squeeze the air out as you zip them closed and put them in a BC pocket that you dont have anything sharp in .
  6. Some of the most relaxing dives I have made have been solo, with or with out my camera. Not having to consider someone else and keep an eye for them frees you to fully immerse (parden the bun) yourself in the experience. I dive CCR with a good deal of redundancy and in 34 years of diving have never needed a buddy or needed to offer assistance to a buddy. It is all in the traning, the hours spent practicing, and in the respect for the enviroment you have put yourself in.
  7. Does anyone know if the Nexus WP3 4.5" dome would work with the Nikon 10.5mm lens?
  8. I also have Nexus and have the same concerns. When I bought the FP170 for my housing the instructions claim 30M max however the dealer assured me they have had it to 70M. Hard to know who to trust but keep your insurance paid up. Personally I would like to find a housing and port for deeper than 70m but the only thing I have found are for point and shoot digitals. I am almost sorry I sold my L&M Tetra for the Oly.
  9. I just purchased a FP170 dome for my Nexus housing and I am curious what the max depth any of you have had this combo to? There is a big discrepancy between published limit for the housing and the limit for the dome.
  10. I am looking for a Nexus FP170 Dome port.
  11. My Nexus D70 has 2 strobe bulkheads, so no need for converters, or optics, jusr wire both strobes.
  12. Lets remember that your BC is a piece of life support equipment so unless you are trying to get our of your marriage without having to foot the bill for a divorce buy her a new one. It sounds like the model in question has no inner bladder and if it is leaking from the seams the weld in those areas are failing. Generally if a weld is poor it is poor everywhere so it is only a mater of time before the entire BC is leaking. No amount a repair will stop the continued break down of the weld.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. We can (and might) do it but the current offerings for checking bags seem to satisfy the need. Thanks everyone, all good food for thought, and keep your thoughts coming. Our plan is to build a bag planned for carry on and if forced into checking it, would still offer an acceptable level of protection.
  14. I own a manufacturing company that among other things produce dive gear for some of the bigger players in the industry. We have developed a technique to produce semi rigid bags that offer a great deal of protection to equipment without looking or weighing like a pelican case. I am considering starting development of a UW camera bag that will fit "Most" airlines current carry on restrictions. Since many of you have been traveling with your cameras for some time and have tried various home brewed and commercially available land camera bags I am hoping for your input. Tell me what features you find mandatory in a carry on such as this, what would be nice to have, what gear you feel you MUST carry on verse what you are willing to check in cargo. Also how many of you travel with your camera in the housing to save space? Do you feel there is any risk or other benefit in doing this? For those creative folks out there> No I dont think adding Helium bladders to the bag is a solution to making it any lighter. LOL
  15. With with 1 -8 and 1 -5 with the 8 nearest the camera. When you fold them up the difference in length will allow your strobe to tuck in closer to the camera when handing the camera off or climbing a ladder with it. Might give you more flexibility down the road to when your system grows.
  16. Looking for a FP 170 if anyone is looking to move one. Nemo
  17. Alex, Which Sigma 15MM are you thinking of the 15MM EX or the 15MM EX DG. It seems the EX DG would produce different results than the Nikon 16MM would. Mike
  18. Nice image. How many images did you stitch together and did you shoot it in one row or multiple rows?
  19. Thanks I have seen this image floating around the web but hadnt read the discription of how he did it. There was no mention of the lens he used and I was surprised to read that he shot it hand held.
  20. When considering the fisheye's available why not go wider with either the 14MM or the 10.5mm?
  21. I am wondering if anyone has done any UW panoramas and if so what lens, technique, etc. thay used. Iam most interested in how you made the capture not the post processing. I am in the preliminary stages of panning a project that might include a pano or two in the effort.
  22. I just switched to CCR (Optima) this summer after 25+ years of OC diving of all types. I do see many benefits and not much in the way of a downside except cost of admission. As far as gas savings are concerned unless you are doing a few trimix dives per week every week you arent going to make back the cost of the breather. I do find diving CCR warmer here in the NE. Our bottom temps are generally in the high 30's and I get out of the water with out feeling the chill where on OC mix I did. Yes I dive a drysuit. Getting it ready for diving may be considered more time consuming but with 3+ hours of duration on one setup I can go diving for 2 days and do nothing to the rig once it is put together and on OC I would either be switching twinsets out or looking for fills. My back likes it much better than a twinset & I find getting out of the water on rocky slippery shoreline much easier and safer than with tanks, and climbing a pitching boats ladder is a breeze. I know some divers find the bouyancy an issue, but I like it better. Once you figure it out it is easier to stay in position vertically than with OC since your bouyancy remains the same whether you are inhaling or exhaling it makes no diff. Granted you do have to know how to dial in your bouyancy correctly and not be over weighted. One other upside that isnt discussed often is the insurance you have have with a 3 hr. duration. If you are on a dive that your either must or wish to extend your BT,you can without worrying about how much gas you have on your back, and making changes to your deco schedule is easy in most cases since you are effectivly caring a blending machine on your back. You also asked why we chose the unit we did. I picked Optima for the ease and safety of the Extend air cartridges (I am sure that will open a debate) and the strength of Dive Rite and the support available in the USA and abroad. I have a friend with an Inspiration that is about 3 years old and he has canceled, or aborted more dives than he has made with it becasue of problems with the unit. Which in itself is frustrating but the horror stories he tells of trying to get things resolved just adds insult to injury. Nemo
  23. I will be there for the duration, mostly at the Dive Rite booth but I will be making the rounds. Nemo
  24. nikon, not into macro UW so 10.5 17 - 55 70 - 200 2.8 VR
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