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  1. James, Ive been diving dry exclusively for 14 years and dont seem to have this problem. I use only 4 lbs of lead, with a SS plate, but I dive steel tanks not AL. The steel (85's or HP 100's) are neautral when empty. I was able to drop 4 lbs when I switched undergarments from Thinsulate/fleece to a Dive Rite Primaloft undergarment. I would try gaiters, but dont add more ankle wgt. your back will hate you for it. If you can move your trim wgt up that might help but honestly figure out a way to get rid of some of the lead 17lbs is way too much.
  2. I met a g uy a few years ago that built a very simple camera that had a film holder for 4 x 5 film. He shot available light B&W and the camera was loaded with only 2 negs back to back in a film holder. He would mount the camera (tripod or to a piece of wreckage), open the "shutter", and paint the area he was imageing with a video light. The exposures where measured in minutes not secounds. He would then close the shutter, flip the film holder in the camera and make a second exposure. He did this for a book project he is working on. Whether it is worth the effort or not is hard to gauge.
  3. I have a Posiedon Odin regulartor for sale. This one has been my travel gas reg for a few years now so it doesnt get much mileage and I have never had it in seawater, I do most of my diving in the Great Lakes. It has a red 2nd stage and a Jetstream first stage. It was serviced this past spring and used on 3 dives since. I am switching to CCR so I have more regs than I need now. $225.00 + shipping from upstate NY, I can run crdit cards through my company to help ease the transaction, International shipping is OK. I also have a new OMS aluminum Back plate with out harness $75.00 Email me direct with questions mike@horseworks.com Nemo
  4. Eric your brilliant!! Just let us know where Christa will be. Nemo
  5. Darek, I will send an example or 2 of my Scapa pics to your email address. One of them won pic of the week here at wetpixel a while back. Nemo
  6. What puplication are you submitting the article to? What types of images are you looking for? Topside, UW, ?? Nemo
  7. DEMA is in Orlando 2006 and 2007 then back to Vegas. I will be working the week at the show. Kathy I will stop and say hello. Nemo
  8. Anyone going to DEMA next month? Maybe we could do a Wetpixel lunch one day.
  9. Darek, I have a few of Scapa, what will you be using them for? Nemo
  10. I am considering a 2x Teleconverter for my 70 - 200 VR lens. Has anyone compared the Kenko Pro 300 DG with Nikons TC20E-II?
  11. My faithful (yet ageing) Tenba bag is in need of replacement and was wondering what some of you are using. I may wish to slide my laptop in with a body or two, a few lens, a stobe, security blanket etc. This is mostly for land use, not for flying I have Pelicans for that. Considering the weight, a back pack style may be in order, no sense paying the chiropractor when there is plenty of UW camera equipement still in need of purchasing. Your comments on what you are using.
  12. Personally I went with the second YS90DX. I have both it and the SB800 and experimenting with my D70 and these two strobes on land they will not operateproperly with iTTl. The SB can comunicate with the camera and other SB's but doesnt seem to be able to repond fast enough to the sudden burst of light from the 90DX. Bottom line you loose the iTTL you are hoping for and for wide angle you will be shooting manual anyway. Having said all that I have a YS90DX with some accessories (sync cord and ultralight strobe adapter) for sale, hit me at mike@horseworks.com, or the reply address here and Ilwill get you more details.
  13. Ditto on most of this. Like Frogfosh I use Fastex to keep the arms together topside, during entry, and exit but I manage with only one clip not 3. I flip the outer arms in so the strobes are between the inner arms and have one fastex at the top of the triangle furthest from the camera. Does exactly the same thing Frogfish does but you only have one clip to manage in the water.
  14. I am selling a Sea & Sea YS90DX with a Nikonos bulk head to Sea & Sea Sync cord. Both in excellent condition, never flooded, with spare O rings, grease, caps, original box and paper work. $475.00 email me directly at mike@horseworks.com or you can call in the US 518-843-6756 during the business day eastern time.
  15. Moving up to DSLR and have a Inon 100WAL lens in very good condition and the L & M wetmate port for the Tetra housing. If you have a tetra without this port and wished you could buy the Inon lens more economically this is your chance. I will consider selling separately. Port $100.00 Lens $250.00 I can run credit cards through my business to help ease the pain.
  16. Does anyone have experience with the web dealer www.royalcamera.com? I have been doing some shopping and their prices on digital bodies seem too good to be true.(which usually means their is something amiss) Nemo
  17. With all of the rave about the 12-24 and either the 17-35 and 17-55 shouldnt a new D70 buyer leave the kit lens at the photo shop and go home with one of the above. Granted the initial $ will be higher but as they move up the kit lens will become a $300 paper weight.
  18. Im selling this system om Ebay all ready to go and get wet. Everything is in great shape never a flood. Makes excellent images. Very compact system for beginner or Tech diver looking for something small that can go deep. (rated for 300) Ive had it to 210 and it works flawlessly everytime. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MESE:IT Nemo
  19. What is the story behind this ship. What was she? Where and when did she serve? How she she come to be where she is now? Dive particulars too, depth?, how far offshore? etc. Thanks Nemo
  20. I use a UK SL6 which can be mounted with any C light mounting adapter from your arm manufacturer. It is plenty bright even in the deep dark water I swim in and it has a simple flip switch that is easy to manipulate. I get a whole week of diving from one set of C batteries in it. For $35 US and another $30+/- for a mounting bracket it is pretty affordable too.
  21. Where are you staying and who are you diving with?
  22. Ive been to Scapa Flow three times in the last 4 years, and the previous post is corrrect spend no less than a full week there. These ships are big 600+' long and there is a lot to see. You could spend a week on one of the cruisers to really explore it well. Where are you traveling from to get there? Maybe I can recommend a travel plan. Weight can be an issue when flying into the Orkneys but there are ferry boats too. As far as where to stay I highly recommend staying in the town of Stromness which is where most of the dives boats leave from. Some really good restaurants, lively pubs, and plenty of support for your dive group. Go to www.ferryinn.com this inns website has links to some of the dive operators and other Orkney info. Ive been with three operators in the three trips and John Thornton with th MV Karin was the best. Big boat, plenty of room for 12 divers, very professional and a lot of fun. Figure on 40' vis, depth range from 60' to 165', water temp is 53 degrees, NO current, 2 -3 ' waves. Since all the boats are deep draft you dont even know you are on the water most of the time. Nitrox is available on all of the better boats, they blend right on deck, and you never have to break down your kit until the end of the week. It rains often (2 or 3 times per day) but not for long. It is always windy 20 knots is common, but it had to blow 45 to keep the boats at the dock and that only happened once in 21 diving days I had there. It is mostly cool 50 - 65 degrees in Sept. We were there on the warmest day they had in a number of years and it was 72. Really is world class wreck diving and they make it very easy on you once you get there. Nemo
  23. This safety recall has been published in the diving press as follows: It was determined that is partially flooded the light could turn itself on, heat up and cause property damage. (read fire). The printed press release for the recall suggests if you have a flooded light to remove the bulb from it & calling L & M for a RMA number.
  24. I leave mine on the boat. I have been concerned about the salt that may be trapped in the neoprene from effecting the lens during storage. I am curious if anyone has experienced a problem with this? I may be concerned about nothing.
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