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  1. Incredible issue with awesome photography. Congrats Steve, and everyone else who contributed. I absolutely loved the "Pushing the Envelope" section. Great addition. Maldives and Cayman portfolios are superb as well.
  2. How are you liking the Zeiss 18mm Ryan? Have you tried the 21mm? I assume you had a custom gear made for the 18mm.
  3. Seems like with all of the format complexities of the different manufacturers, might be simpler just to classify it as "Canon EOS HD footage." It's sort of become a class of its own as this technology has come on strong in the last year. As Mary Lynn points out, the Nikon and Canon footage are fundamentally different, so this would be more accurate than to just label it as DSLR h264, or some such label. I talked to a colorist a few weeks back who does lots of features for BBC and Discovery, and he just graded a full-length feature shot on 5DII. He said the footage looked beautiful and held up in grading very well. The same can not necessarily be said for HD footage from other DSLRs.
  4. Price has been further reduced to $700. One note: the housing does not include handles or the tripod screw to attach the camera to the tray in the housing. Handles can be purchased from Ultralight and a replacement screw can be obtained from Seacam.
  5. Price reduction - whole system reduced to $900! One note: the housing does not include handles. You can purchase aftermarket handles from Ultralight for around $100. You can view images of the housing here and the camera here.
  6. I photographed the entire outfit yesterday. You can view the images here.
  7. You can view images of the housing here. And the camera here.
  8. I have a Nikkor 70-180 Macro lens for sale. Super-versatile focal length to shoot everything from fish portraits to smaller subjects. I know that Subal supports this lens on housings with Type 3 opening. Other manufacturers may as well. The tripod collar has already been removed, so it's ready for underwater use. These are really hard to find, as the production run was only a few thousand lenses. They are regularly selling for $1400 on eBay . . . Asking $800 shipped, prefer PayPal for payment.
  9. There have been a lot of Quality Control issues reported with the newer IS lens. Some samples have been tested to show that half of the frame is soft wide open. Lloyd Chambers wrote up his experience in detail with three separate samples. He's also written about issues with the new 70-200 f2.8 IS II. It's disturbing to see these issues on such high end lenses. The teleconverter issues are real, and if you do some searching on this forum, you can find some firsthand reports. Bottom line, it looks like they don't work at all, not even the third party ones. My opinion would be that this lens is not worth the huge premium. IS is useful topside, less so underwater, and the non-IS version of the 100mm macro seems to be very, very close in sharpness.
  10. Tony has done an awesome review, a comprehensive look from a working photographer who just needs to get the job done. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. And even with its great UI, fantastic integrations, and other great features, that's where Aperture unfortunately falls down for me. It's such a pity that Apple comes so close to photographic software bliss, and somehow manages to fall short every time with this product. It has so much potential, but I just can't trust it for my main workflow. The metadata issues are just a complete deal-breaker for any serious photographer, as Eric rightly pointed out. Also, I think the reliance on GPU for processing helps lead to the feeling of sluggishness on laptop and other underpowered computers. The second beta of Lightroom shows tremendous promise. The stability, speed, and RAW color quality are all remarkable. I've never been able to get such good quality out of blue water images with a third-party RAW converter; Adobe's work on re-writing the RAW processing pipeline has clearly paid off. They've also made great strides in performance. And the video support, while basic, is at least enough to get files off the card and index them. Adobe definitely listened to the feedback from its thousands of beta testers (with the exception of the new import dialog, which is awful). This looks to be an incredible release when it finally ships. Another area where Adobe totally has the edge is in camera support. Just today, Adobe announced a build of LR 2.7 that supports the Canon T2i, Panasonic G2 and G10, among other new cameras. These units have barely even started shipping yet and Adobe's already on top of it. Wonder how long we'll be waiting for RAW support on those from Apple.
  11. No ports or viewfinder, but flexible on price. PM me if interested.
  12. Tried some sunball tests from CR2 files using the "camera neutral" profile and the 2010 process. The images come much closer to matching those from Canon DPP, which has always been the gold standard for me with CR2 files. There is minimal ugly cyan banding as has been characteristic of the way Lightroom handled this type of image in the past. Great news! Aperture is not even close with the same files.
  13. Wow - they are really on top of cameras. Already have support for T2i and new Panasonics! This is definitely where Adobe has the edge. I'm sure we'll be waiting for a few months for Aperture to support those cameras.
  14. The support for video is pretty much the minimum they could have done. An icon indicates it's a video file with the duration, a thumbnail is generated, and you can launch the video in QuickTime or your default video player. This is what iPhoto has been able to do since early 2009. Aperture's support is much more robust, and for the casual shooter who just wants to trim and drop a video clip into a slideshow, I think it still wins in terms of simplicity. Adobe is playing catch-up here. In reality though, this level of video support is probably all more advanced DSLR shooters really need. Just get the files off the card instead of ignoring them like before. Happily, LR copies the .thm files along with the .mov files from DSLRs, so you are able to add a DCIM subdirectory after the files have copied and use the FCP EOS plugin Log and Transfer option after LR ingests all the files off your card. You can see the original h264 videos alongside your photos AND transcode the bits you actually want to edit into bins in FCP. Seems like a win. The import dialog, while slightly improved, is still god-awful. I just don't understand why they made such a substantial change from LR2 where it was absolutely fine. Now it takes up the entire screen and important settings are scattered all over the place. And it really would have been better to add options to import photos to one directory, and video to another. I haven't found any way to do this. This would have really helped with workflow. Color rendering looks much improved, and performance rocks. So much faster than Aperture, especially on underpowered machines. YAY Point Curve from Camera RAW - finally!! They listened! I'm eager to do some head to head comparisons with Aperture. Overall, this is a killer update with a lot of great progress. Good for Adobe putting these betas out there and actually listening to feedback.
  15. Thanks for all of the great info, everyone! I confirmed that as long as you have the directory structure DCIM/xxx5D, and kept the original .thm files, Log and Transfer will then recognize the clips to import. I went back into material I shot last year and just added subdirectories to my footage folders, and it's working great. Personally, coming from a background of ingesting tape into FCP, the EOS plugin offers a more familiar workflow, and I really like it for that. I think I will use a process of copying the original directories, backing those up and then using the plugin to select only the portions of clips that I actually want to use in my edit. One disappointment, I can't seem to find any reference to the original shooting data within FCP, such as ISO and aperture. The description of the original EOS FCP plugin from Glue Tools looked like it offered that.
  16. I have a Nikonos RS package for sale on behalf of a friend. This unit is like new, in box. It has never been in salt water, and was only tested once in a pool. The package consists of: Nikonos RS body Serial Number: 2000046 Nikonos RS 20-35 lens Nikonos RS 50mm Macro lens 2 Nikonos SB-104 Strobes, with NiCad batteries (not tested), chargers, and arms A completely unused system like this is a rare find. Asking $2500 for the lot, PM me with any offers you may have. I will have photographs later in the week. Best regards, Sterling
  17. I have a Seacam Silver F100 housing that I'm selling on behalf of a friend. The package includes the housing (with leak detector and internal flocking) and Nikon F100 body. Both are in excellent condition. Price has been reduced to $700. Please PM me with any offers. Best regards, Sterling
  18. I have a used Seacam housing in good condition that I am selling on behalf of a friend. It includes the Seacam Silver Housing (with leak detector and internal flocking), a Nikon D1x camera body, battery charger, and AC adapter to power the camera while cleaning the sensor. Everything is in good working order. Please note that a viewfinder is not included and must be obtained through Seacam. The housing includes two dovetail style Ultralight adapters mounted to the housing. This is a great starter SLR kit, or a good backup for an existing Nikon Seacam shooter. Please feel free to PM me with an offer.
  19. After a week of use, my opinion is that this release seems like it was rushed out the door. Although the new features are certainly cool, I would not trust Aperture as a system to manage my assets until it is updated to address the many user concerns that have been documented in Apple's support forums, and elsewhere. Seems like many others have come to the same conclusion. After an experience like Eric had, it's very difficult to even consider Aperture as a solution for managing a photo library.
  20. Thanks for the link, Drew. Can't wait to read the full analysis.
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