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  1. Eric, I looked into this briefly. There is an option to export metadata, but it only generates a .txt file. There is however an option to export masters with XMP sidecar. I think this options are the same as in v2? As far as syncing - I haven't come across anything yet that gives me hope this was included.
  2. Yes, this is definitely welcome. It's ridiculous they didn't offer it before. There was no migration path to Aperture without it. How would anyone possibly switch? Unfortunately, the XMP import is incomplete. It does not support star or color ratings from Adobe, which is just a ridiculous oversight. Again, not playing for interoperability in classic Apple tradition. A big mistake in my view. iView/Expression Media can see star rankings assigned in Bridge or Lightroom for example. By the way, this applies to JPEGs in addition to RAW which is just incredibly dumb.
  3. Long overdue. The S90 is one of the most popular consumer digicams with RAW format, and has been shipping since October. The Lumix line has been a big hit for its form factor. This is the kind of delay that has lost Apple customers in droves. Even Aperture evangelists like Derrick Story had to ditch at least temporarily while waiting for the updates. With the life cycle of cameras growing ever shorter, not supporting them out of the gates is a terrible business strategy. Apple needs to pick up speed on this front, or outsource it. Actually, one of my hopes for Aperture 3 was that they would open up the RAW processing pipeline to third parties, so that Canon, Panasonic, et. al. could incorporate their own algorithms into the app. A pipe dream to be sure, especially for a company like Apple, but I think it would offer a much better plugin architecture than either Apple or Adobe are offering now. Forcing plug-in developers to take over image processing after the RAW is rendered to pixels strikes me as utterly pointless. It's far better to use the Photoshop versions of those plugins with smart filters.
  4. I've posted a piece to the front page with my first impressions. Look forward to hearing what everyone else thinks of this long awaited release.
  5. The latest from DPreview "A free Beta release of the plug-in will be available to download for testing and evaluation in March 2010." Seems like they jumped the gun a little bit. I'm wondering if they bought this plugin from Glue Tools. They were going to offer a plugin that was very similar, but any reference to it is now removed from their site.
  6. Thanks Alex, for these test images, and thanks Ryan for the additional information on mounts offered. This dome has generated a lot of excitement in the current travel environment! It's great to have some firsthand info on its pros and cons. Alex, I look forward to your full review.
  7. Epic images you guys, I am so jealous!! The vis looks absolutely incredible!!
  8. Cool - thanks for the link! Look forward to reading.
  9. Big kudos to JackConnick. Just completed a great trade with him of my D300 setup for some new Sea and Sea strobes. Everything worked out great, and was shipped on time. Communication was excellent. Would definitely do business with him again.
  10. Great stuff! That lionfish frame is awesome. Some very nice images in the Flickr gallery as well. Congrats.
  11. I am selling this lens through consignment at Backscatter since I was unable to find anyone to trade. Sorry for the delay in posting. It should be on their site within a few weeks.
  12. Everything from this outfit has been sold with the exception of the 10.5mm and 16mm fisheye lenses. These will probably go on consignment if I don't hear from anyone within the next day or so. Thanks to everyone for their interest.
  13. Brilliant photo essay - congrats to all! Really stunning photographs, and nice to see a group portfolio. Very inspiring to see some new photographers break through the yellow borders.
  14. Perfect setup for an underwater SLR system: Nikon D300 Nikkor 60mmf2.8D (not the new AFS version) Nikkor 105mm VR Nikkor 16mm fisheye Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye Nikkor 12-24 Zoom D300 is used, but in fine shape. 12-24mm, 60mm and 105mm are essentially brand new and come with original boxes. 16mm and 10.5mm are in excellent condition. Asking $3,500. Would prefer to sell as a package, but potentially willing to sell some components separately. Make me an offer.
  15. I'm just making the switch to Canon. I have a 10-17 Tokina Fisheye Zoom with Nikon mount in near-mint condition that I would love to trade for a Canon version. Also, anyone interested can make me an offer for the lens, or if you have a Canon version for sale please send me a PM. Best, Sterling PS - Original box, caps and all documentation are included.
  16. Hello all, An exhibit of nature images sponsored by Conservation International and BG Group opening this week at the Satchi Gallery in London features some of my images from Raja Ampat and Brazil. CI hosted an online gallery of images here And the BBC published some of the images here
  17. Final price - $1900 shipped!! Please contact me at sterlingz@mac.com
  18. Nikkor 300mm AF-S II (non VR) Nikkor 200-400mm AF-S VR Please contact me if interested: sterlingz@mac.com
  19. These are great little workhorses. Work great with 4 AAs each. These are NOT the DS versions. $50 for the pair plus shipping. No sync cords.
  20. Used Subal ND2 housing for sale with GS180 viewfinder. In good working order. $2200 including shipping. As configured, this retails for more than $7K. Please contact me if interested.
  21. For Sale: Light and Motion Titan to Subal Port Adapter - allows you to use Subal Ports on your Titan! Nikon 12-24 Gear Nikon 17-35 Gear Nikon 105 Auto to Manual Switch Gear Nikon 60 Auto to Manual Switch Gear Total original value of these items was about $750. Any offers will be considered. sterlingz@mac.com
  22. Hi there, I have a Nikon D2x and Subal ND2 housing with the GS expanded viewfinder. The housing alone is now selling for more than $7K at Backscatter. This is a workhorse system, and I've logged at least 100 dives with it. It has served me well in Madagascar, Indonesia, Philippines and the Galapagos. It is still totally solid. The viewfinder makes a huge difference in framing pictures. I will include a brand new set of o-rings. The camera has just been cleaned by Nikon, and I will also include a Kirk arca-swiss type mounting bracket for placement on a tripod in either the horizontal or vertical position, a $180 value http://www.kirkphoto.com/bld2htwoviews.jpg. Total value of the system was over $10K new. Asking $5K. Willing to hear serious offers. sterlingz@mac.com
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