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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I need all the help I can get.
  2. You want the good or the bad? I'll be nice. The content isn't too bad. Afterall, you can only video what you see. You had some good content. Color was good except for those open water shots of other divers. YOu need a red filter when shooting this, too. Only one or two places, but do not pan underwater unless it is doing so slowly or following a critter. The editing: Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. Personally, the music was bad. Music should set the mood and mold into the scene. Harmonicas and country don't do it for underwater. In fact, there are very few vocals tht fit into the underwater world. Transitions are next. Don't get fancy. Good ole crossfades work the best for video. Slides? Do what you want. Major scene breaks? Fade to black and fade back into the next scene, with about a 5 second blackout between them. Thi one of the problems with many editing programs. So many choices of trsnitions and such and we only need a half dozen at most. As I said. Keep itsimple for the sake of your viewers. Overall, it was pretty decent for a newbie. Practice makes perfect. So when is your next trip.
  3. I know you are a busy man, but you need to step this one up, LOL. I'm taking a serious look at this housing in comparison to my Seatool HC7. I need and like a monitor such as this has. I just wonder how well it balances and how easy it is to do MWB with it. This just in: The Mangrove is sold by Reef Photo Video in the US. They're located in Fort Lauderdale. The price is $2500. Not that bad if it does what is expected.
  4. Funny I should check in here after just looking at such a housing. I also have an HC7 and am doing some comparison shopping. I saw this and am checking it out but have not personally seen or handled one, but it has an rear external 3.5" monitor and can be fitted for white balance. It's made by Aditech and is their Mangrove MVD-L1. With optional WB it should set you back about $2800. www.aditech-uw.com For those with more experience with other housings please take a look and post an opinion.
  5. I probably won't be of much help as I've only done one trip to Fiji---so far. Last January our group did a week at the Pearl South Pacific on Vite Levu and the second week at the Garden Island Resort on Taveuni. Being a slightly older fellow I really liked the atmosphere an closenes of things at the Garden Island Resort. It isn't plush or anything even close to plush. What it is is just like a two story motel along the road with greenery separating it from the road. 30 rooms in all with 15 up and 15 down. Did I say closeness? The whole resort isn't more than 100 yards long which includes the dive shop area. Walk out your sliding door and be only 25' from the water. The staff is as friendly as anywhere I've been to date. From day one the know and address you by first name. The food was good, ordered from a menu and freshly cooked. No buffet here. Drinks were not part of our AI package except for water, iced tea and coffee. Breakfast was continental unless you wanted to order. We wanted to dive so food was not a priority. The place and people are really laid back. I am slightly handicapped myself with a bad back so don't look for much nightlife. There are some excursions you can book. I can't help with this as I was too busy just laying back in a hammock being away from the hustle and bustle of home. The diving included 2 tanks a day from their fast boats. Boats aren't small, just fast. The DM's were as helpful and attentive as any I've ever seen, in the water and out. They showed their appreciation at all times. There were six divers in our group and four DM's. Talk about cool. In fact we were the only ones at the resort. Our surface interval was done on a distant island (really cool) and the staff did not really set much of a time limit. Most were around 1 to 1 1/2 hours. During that time we could chill out in the shade, snorkel with some native children or whatever we wanted. They always provided us with some sort of snack which included home made cookies and drinks. Did I mention "laid back"? Once we arrived we never had to touch our gear except to don and doff it. It is rinsed daily even including our wetsuits. Then placed in the dive shop overnight. There is shore diving, but tanks are only available during shop hours which closes at 5:00. All in all, it depends on what you are looking for. The diving as excellent and then there was the relaxation period afterward. If you want night life or excitement this is not the place. If you want some world class diving in a relaxed atmosphere it may be what you are looking for. Would I go back? In a minute. I'm just salivating thinking about it.
  6. I don't have the camcorder yet (tomorrow) but have my housing for it. I can't say how it's going to work, but it does have some nice features including electronic controls, moisture alarm, MWB and others. Weighs a scant 3.4 lbs and is pretty small too. That was one of my criteria as the airlines aren't getting more lenient on baggage limits and I have a bad back so a few pounds count for something in my carry-on. Should weigh just about 5 lbs out of water, without lights. Seatool HC7 housing. You can get a look at it at www.backscatter.com, www.reefphoto.com, or www.h2opros.com Also you can check it out at www.seatoolusa.com I am a complete novice at this so won't go into details I know little to nothing about. Check out the housing for yourself. One thing it does not have is a handle on the left side (option or add on for $169)
  7. Nice pics, Ken, and a very detailed report. Although I've been to Bonaire 3 times I've always gne with a group and stayed at the Plaza. I'm coming with a group in March 2008 and stying at Buddy's. Believe we're getting the 3 BR Suites. You also gave me some good insites about where to eat. That deal with Subway sounds cool. Half today, half tomorrow. Or buy one and split it between two people. Fortunately wwe won't be dealing with the boat crew much. Doing all shore diving unless I can talk a few into a trip or two to Klein. Other than that there are enough places to keep us busy. I'm one of those dumb photo guys that only needs one or two small reefs for the week. You know, get to know every critter on the reef by first name. Thanks again for the report.
  8. bfisher


    Hi guys, I'm kinda new at this photography thing. Right now I have a Sea&Sea MX-10. Just a generic 35mm camera with a strobe. Most of my pics suck, plane and simple. Is digital that much better? I'm considering going digital soon so need all the help I can get. From what I gather one of the downsides of digital is shutter lag. I see that Sea Life has a DC 500 that has it down to .17 seconds. I've read good and not-so-good reviews about this camera. Can anybody shed a little light on things and/or make any suggestions as to what a decent camera/strobe, etc would work well? I am in about the $1000 range or a little less if that helps.
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