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  1. I shoot a cardinal fish - in my D300 and 2X DS125 at 6fps... and upload it to youtube... What Do You Think? Nice? Watch in HQ . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WJp0CXgpCM...feature=channel And the HD Ver. Thank you. Amir
  2. hi i need some id.. Thanks amir
  3. I'm looking for a shrimp database . where i can find one (in the internet) ? thanks
  4. Some results : Sigma 17-70 HSM + Sea&Sea housing (D300) Compact dome port + 40mm Ex. ring - usable from 17 to 62mm . Fisheye dome port - usable from 17 to 50mm . fisheye dome port + 40mm Ex. ring - All The Way. With the Nikon 18-70 + Same housing. Compact dome port + 40mm Ex. ring - All the Way. I will chack the old sigma 17-70 (non HSM) later on... the old nikon 18-55 work perfect with the compact dome port (no Ex. needed) -but it a kit lens
  5. I just got the sigma 17-70 HSM from a friend to test it... i will try it with the compact dome port and the fisheye dome port to see where it's work better.... i want the 16-85VR for sharks and mantas... i don't think i'll use all the way to 85 underwater ...
  6. I want to buy the 16-85VR for my D300, I using Sea&Sea housing, the lens need a diopiter for u/w? the compact dome port work with the lens or i need Ex. Ring (for the port) ? thanks
  7. picture of the coupon... me and steven holding it...
  8. The coupon is from Seacam owner Harald Hordosch.
  9. I just won a Seacam 3500$ coupon... i'm not going to use it.... i'm selling it for 2800$ Contact: Amirst1 @ Yahoo.com Thanks Amir
  10. All (100%) the pictures from Red Sea - Eilat , israel. I didn't upload my Palau,Red sea - Sinai and Yap Photos.... yet
  11. This is just the gallery... I'm working on my "official" web site... for now still there is no eng. available... sorry . Thanks for watching! Amir
  12. Thanks ! I need to work on the English Edition of the web site Amir
  13. Hi all, My new galley is open. Macro,Wide,Shrimps and crabs.... all inside... good luck http://www.jugend.co.il/gallery/showgaller...550&cat=500 amir
  14. Happy Birthday Gyula! All the best!!! good luck with the new DVD! Amir Stern Israel
  15. Each 150 strobe cost 1845 Euro . - I can't buy 2 with the credit... i think i will sell the credit...
  16. I forget to update my reg. in the database... I own D300 in Sea and Sea, and 2X Ike 125 .. (For the last 4 month)
  17. Is the seacam arms and clamps is the best? is it really worth the money? now i'm using ULCS arms and clamp, can i fit Seacam clamps on ULCS arms? i just got 3500$ from seacam and i don't know how to spend it... Thanks Amir
  18. Hi Craig, It's WORK VERY GOOD in the MDX-D300 ! I use non blue band cable's ! Thank's! Amir
  19. Is it possable to connect two DS125 to the housing with 2 single cables? or i have to buy the TTL converter? thanks
  20. what do you think? any one know someting about ZOOM GEAR? for MDX-D300 . thanks
  21. Hi all. I got the nikon 10.5FE + kenko 1.4TC. i got the S&S dome port, but the port is too big, if i get close to the object i touch the port lens.. i want to buy the compact dome port but i don't know if i can use the 10.5+1.4TC ... PLEASE HELP ME Thank you Amir
  22. Hi, just see... i got something to add. Nikon 105VR + x2TC + X1.4TC = 300mm Nemo Eggs... Amir
  23. Hi, i got the sea&sea DX-D50 and NX Compact Macro Port Base+Extension Ring 40 and i need just the last port... i thinking about the Compact Macro Port M (67). what do you think? i got the NX Zoom Port and when i connect it to the Extension Ring 40 i just 1' sort... damm. is the Compact Macro Port M (67) will be good? thanks amir
  24. another picture... like it? amir stern
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