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  1. The pictured NA-DP4 has attached optional hood. I also have the Small HD DP4 monitor for Canon available as well. NA-DP4 = $1400 retail NA-DP4 Hood = $150 retail Small HD DP4 Monitor = $450 retail NA-1DX Housing = $5200 retail Please make an honest offer and I will respond back. Thank you.
  2. Available is a Nauticam Canon 1Dx Housing and NA-DP4 Monitor Housing. I switched to Nikon so if anyone has a D5 or D850 Housing to trade, please let me know. I also have extension tubes for 100mm macro and 16-35mm lenses but I believe those will work with Nikon lenses as well so I am not as eager to trade or sell the tubes. If a trade isn't possible, I will take offers.
  3. Adam: Thanks for all your advice and safety precautions. Water creates a whole new element of paramount concern. Your shared knowledge is very much appreciated. I will continue to research and learn prior to putting together a shoot. With the high degree of danger that underwater shooting presents, it is best to be over-prepared. Troporobo: Thanks for the link to Loftus. It is always nice to find others that have experience and first hand knowledge.
  4. Adam, Thank you for your informative response. Depending on your time of day as well as depth, how are you able to sync your top strobes via optical slaves given the depth of your underwater strobes? Have you found a limit or ideal depth to sync your top and bottom lighting? Where are you finding your underwater casing for your strobes or are you using specific underwater strobes? Thanks, again! Roy
  5. My vote would be for full frame vs crop sensor. I owned the D500 and it is a nice camera, but it doesn't have the same image quality as a full frame camera. The crop sensor can be useful for certain applications, but with the massive image size given by the D850, cropping will provide similar perspective with increased image quality. Besides cost, since size difference is negligible, there are not many instances where "added reach" would be a tremendous benefit underwater besides potentially for macro applications. I would always prefer the native full frame field of view along with their respective high aperture lenses.
  6. My understanding is that the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 does better underwater than the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8. I can't remember the specifics but it has to do with distortion caused by shooting through water. Apparently, the 16-35mm does a better job handling the distortion and focusing. Better and more precise info can be found doing a google search. Best of luck!
  7. I was wondering if there were any Action/Lifestyle Photographers that would be willing to share some of their experience regarding their workflow, safety and challenges they might have encountered. What type of makeup is do you suggest for underwater shots and 50-50 shots? How are you controlling and triggering your lighting? Any insight would be appreciated.
  8. Is this still available? I sent an email, but I did not receive a response. I am still interested.
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