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  1. Hi Hermit Crab, This was exactly my dilemma recently. I have been taking topside photos for years and concentrate mainly on airshows and motorport events. I have a Nikon D300s that is getting a bit dated now but have a few excellent telephoto lens's. I looked at housings available for the D300 but felt that I would be making a significant investment for a camera that is a bit old now. I have been taking photos underwater for two years with a Nikon AW 130 compact, no housing, no strobes, just point and shoot but with a great macro setting. I have been very pleased with some of my results and just felt that I wanted to go a step further and be able to shoot in manual as I do topside. I spent months researching my options. The cost of replacing the D300, plus housing, lens's, strobes etc was just a bot to far out of budget. So, I decided to keep the Nikon D300 for topside and went for the Olympus OMD E 1 MkII. As a 4/3 not quite as good as a fullI DSLR but significantly cheaper. I went for a Nauticam housing and a pair of Inon Z240 strobes. I only got all this last Wednesday. I have managed 5 dives last week (3 on a Underwater Photo Workshop) and each dive was a big improvement on the previous. My first dive I felt like a new diver. Buoyancy all over the place and not very comfortable with all the gear. My second dive I removed my normal trim weights from high up in my BCD and that made a huge difference to balance. Photos got better and better, I have a macro lens but mainly concentrated on close up wide angle. To be honest I have a long way to go to produce photos that are of a high standard but I am now confident that I will get there. Handling the camera underwater is now ok. I feel that I can justify the investment as I love taking underwater photos but was just so limited with what I could achieve with a compact. Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy.
  2. Just returned from Florida with new camera set up and took the Home Insurance advice. I added 7k's worth of kit, with the camera and housing listed separately as they have a value each of over £1500, for an additional monthly premium of only £3.00 per month. I thought that was a bargain, thanks for the advice. Craig
  3. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good insurance company? I have just taken delivery of my new set up, Olympus OM D E 1 MII, Nauticam housing, strobe etc. and taking it out today for a first try. I have only used compact without housing until today! I am not a DAN member so their insurance is not really an option. How do you use? Value in total is about 7K. Thanks for any help and advice.
  4. Hi all, i have just invested in an Olympus MD E M1 MII, a Nauticam housing with wide angle, macro and power zoom and Inon Z 240 strobe. I have the camera but wont get the housing and rest until mid February, really looking forward to getting it wet in Fort Lauderdale
  5. Hi, My name is Craig. I have been enjoying snapping away with a good quality Nikon AW 130 compact camera. Had great fun and got some good shots considering the limited ability of both the camera and the person holding it! I have just invested in the Olympus OM D E M1 MII and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a Nauticam housing and Inon Z240 stobe. I hope to get in the ater for the first time mid February. I came across Wetpixel by complete accident but in the few minutes I have had to click around it is obvious that this forum is the font of knowledge. I look forward to spending some time reading through the posts,
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