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  1. I am looking to buy an ikelite port and lens. I will be a beginner so i was looking at the sigma 18-55mm with 8" dome. before i went out spending money however, i thought i would put it to the experts to see if they could recommend anything more suitable. I would like to do close up stuff but I am aiming at just general underwater at the minute. Cheers for any help andy
  2. does anyone know of any decent underwater photography courses, most of the ones i have seen just teach basic photography principles without going into the more technical aspects relating to UW. Also if you were to start off with just one general lens for a canon which would be the most popular. cheers Andy
  3. this is a bit of a long shot, has anyone ever dived with a guy called Ian Hulland, he lives and works in Malta but is British, i have dived with him a few times but have lost his contact details if anyone knows him or has an email address I'd really appreciate it. (hes a chemist for Levi jeans if that rings any bells) if there is a better section for this type of post i do apologise but it seemed the most appropriate. cheers Andy
  4. Although a professional photographer i have yet to live the dream of underwater photography. As i read here somewhere it is probably better to splash out than to buy cheap then yearn to upgrade. i am currently using a canon 20d and will probably end up going for the ikelite housing. My main question is - are strobes essential to begin with (im looking at 20m depth max) as i read an article about a filter that colour balances to 30feet and the results seemed impressive. My second question is - the naff canon 18-55mm lens, is it any good for diving. of the lenses i have it's the only one I'm prepared to risk or could someone recommend a general all rounder stater lens. cheers for any help Andy
  5. on land you normally want your flash close to the camera but it would seem that this works differently underwater can anyone tell me what the rule of thumb is for this i.e. do you need arms for one flash or can you stick it straight on top of the housing. cheers andy
  6. well as my limit is 22m it seems a fine investment to get the hang of underwater photography. cheers guys
  7. i have been reading a lot of reviews on what appears to be a brilliant piece of kit, the magic filter. as i am only an ocean diver atm would i be right in thinking this would save me forking out on expensive strobes. i want my diving and my underwater photography to progress together but after forking out for a 20d housing i wouldnt have anything left for strobes, is this wonderful item the answer to my financial prayers? cheers for any help andy
  8. thanks for the replys guys, purchase of the 20D is a definate however im still indesisive about the housing, it looks like theres only two real choices with ikelite being the most cost effective. ill just have to do more land photography to make up the money. its a good tax right off though
  9. i use a program called umarkpro cost me $7.oo online and use it on all my online images does the job well for me.
  10. I am looking to upgrade from 300d to 20d and would like to get into underwater photography in a bigger way, currently using a reefmaster. I hate the fact that i can get a 20D for £750 but the cheapest housing i can find is the ikelite coming in at £985 without the port. has anyone managed to grab a bargain and be willing to share the info. would be greatley appreciated.
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