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  1. It was upgraded to YS-60 which I think is sold now, you should be able to find info about it, not much difference except for the diffuser I think. It can not be used for digital cameras (unless the housing can use a nikonos conector and the strobe have it also). I have one for sale
  2. It is impossible or very hard to make a housing for cameras with long retracting lenses like 7Hi or coolpix 5700. If you zoom out max the lens will bump into the housing or you will get vingetting in the corners of the picture when zoomed in, 7hi has a 28mm and it will get darker corners just by putting on a to think UV filter. A housing can not be done unless you use it without zooming. To bad I have the camera and it is excelent .... for land use! you can put it in one of the plastic bags though, is OK for snorkeling but nothing serious.
  3. Thanx, so it is easy but, do you switch between macro/non macro often or keep one setting all the time except for exceptions?
  4. Hi! I'm looking into getting a digicam and a housing, all my uw piuctures so far have been with a MMIIx, what I have looked at is to get a 4040 (might get a 5050 when they are out) and I see that the closes focus in non macro mode is 80cm. When using my MMIIx I take most pictures at 50cm (fixed range on that camera) and have to change manually to focus at 1m or further away. This is a inconveniance but I can do it with just on button and without looking at the camera, so it is OK. Am I correct to assume that I have to click one button to set macro mode and then click the same button many times to go back to none macro mode? Does any of you x0x0 users find this a hassle? or do you take all shots at macro?
  5. Hi Ike! Will the housing fit the c-700 also? Not sure if there is any external difference on the cameras. Ahh just when I decided to buy a 5050 ....
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