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    Nikonos V D200 on Order
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    Who will have one first?
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    depends - probably Ikelite DS-125
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  1. Congratulations on a well deserved win on Underwater Photography.com annual photo contest in the "Over & Under " Category. Way to go ! View Photo at: Underwater Photography
  2. Hi all ! New to Underwater Photography. Bought a Nikonos V in Aug. 05. All posted pics are shot with the Nikonos V with either 20mm, or 15mm lenses only. I used 200 Fuji print film Scanned the prints, and tweaked them a bit with a shareware program called THE GIMP, I downloaded for free on the web. I am going Digital very soon as I have a Nikon D200 on Order. My Digicam should be home end of January. Housings I hear, will be a month or two behind. I am glad I found this web site, as a lot of the photos I see here are absolutely fabulous. I hope to pick your brains from time to time, as I enter the world of digital. Please feel free to comment or critique as you wish, I want to learn and hope to make a few friends along the way. Regards, Mike Salcito Like to Pics: http://www.scubaboard.com/gallery/showgall...00&ppuser=55339
  3. Certified Green Horn here! Have only shot Nikonos w 15 & 20mm lenses. I have a D200 on order ( should be here a few weeks.) I would like some help to determine which lenses will be best suited for UW & may also be used Topside. I am not so concerned with Macro, but if a certain type of lens lets me zoom in for close ups that's a plus. I am on a budget, and will probably have to start with 2 lenses. Also I am leaning towards Ikelite housing, ( cost factor) I now have 2 SB105 strobes, you think they will work OK with this setup? Any information will be appreciated and welcome. Mike Salcito
  4. I found Wetpixel while searching the web for info on DSLR Housings. I believe It was the Google search engine that led me to this site. I am still learning how to use this site, as I have only benn here a couple days.
  5. Hi All, Let me introduce myself. Mike Salcito from Key Largo FL. I am 50, and addicted to Diving & new to UW Photography . (started in Sept.2005). Have a Nikonos V - 15mm, 20mm lenses and dual 105 strobes. I dive a lot so I have at least 35 photo dives under my belt. I have a Nikon d200 on Order (should be here shortly) But who knows how long before a housing is available. I found this site surfing the web, and I am very excited with what I see here. I would like to meet you friendly people and hopefully pick your brains a bit, and gain some of the knowledge you have acquired. I will be Digital as soon as I can buy a housing for the D200. We dive year round here in the Keys, would love to find a friend (a knowledgeable photographer - Male or Female) to do a trade with. I will take you Diving for free 23' boat with air for your help in teaching me your knowledge of Digital UW Photography. I have a passion for Wrecks, Here in Key Largo we have 7 very nice wrecks to dive. The Spiegel Grove of course being the granddaddy of them all . ( I have over 30 dives on the Grove) We also have nice reefs to explore. Well this looks like a great place to meet nice people who share my passion for the Sea, Diving, & UW Photo's Regards, Mike Salcito
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