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  1. I did not know you could do that. Better yet though is that one of the items is a Nikonos that I'm selling! COOL!
  2. I've listed on Ebay a Seacam Housing for the Fuji S2pro digital camera. I also have a flat port and wide port up for auction too. here is the link for the housing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170275568267
  3. Bart, Susan Thank you to both of you for taking the time to take photo's and post your replies. I do appreciate it! You both have given me some idea's to think about regarding packing. Thanks, Jonathan
  4. Hi everyone I've been reading through the post's. Trying to figure out how to best pack my photo gear for travel. I have: Canon 20D, 10/22 lens, 17/85 lens, Ikelite housing, Ikelite DS125 strobe and arm, Dorm port and std port. From what I've read so far, most perfer carry on for most of the gear rather then a pelican or storm case as checked luggage. I have a tamrac cyber 6 photo back pack. Does anyone have a picture of how they pack thier carry on and has anyone had trouble with the airlines max weight with regards to the carry on? I was thinking of getting a storm case and checking it with the housing and strobe and carry on the camera. But it seems some have posted that the pelican and storm case screams "take me". I use to use a alum case (zero haliburton) years ago and never lost anything. But, alis, things have changed. So if you could post a picture of how you pack your photo gear for travel that would be helpful. Thanks
  5. You could contact your credit card company and complain about the $35. charge. I think it's called a "dispute". I'm not suprised that the dealer charged your card as most dealers are working on a very small margin when dealing with u/w camera gear. But they should of told you first, that would be GOOD business practice. As you said, you can vote with your wallet and choose another store. Now you know to ask first about payment policy and back order policy.
  6. As for rinsing my camera gear after a dive: I don't use the rinse tank unless there's going to be hours before getting back to my room. I've seen a few camera set up's get damaged by careless people. Mainly, the lens or lens ports getting damaged by someone dropping their unit into it. I always instruct the boat people to NOT place my unit in the rinse tank as they take it from me at the ladder. I do believe in cleaning with warm fresh water and towel dry it before opening the unit. Salt build up can do some nasty stuff and dry out o'rings. One last advice, be carefull at the saftey stop. Once flooded a Nikonos III and a 15mm lens when the line caught the lens and opened it just a little, not enough to realize what had happen till I took it apart. Happy diving! Jonathan
  7. As mentioned. use only enough to make the o'ring look wet not too much as too much will cause the o'ring to slip and leak. you're dive store most likely can order a larger container of the grease. You might have to wait for them to place their next order with the supplier. McNett is very popular and has it in 1/4 oz, 1 1/2 and quart sizes.
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