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  1. Hi, Unfortunately I recently flooded my D200 and Sigma 10-20/4-5.6 due to a little user error. Fortunately the insurance company will pay out and are going to give me a cash settlement as the D200 is discontinued and I don't want to replace the Hugyfot D200 with a D300 housing! They also want me to sort out the lens; I was looking at the Sigma 10-20 as I also use the lens topside for wedding and fun portraiture so a FE isn't what I am looking for. However, someone recommended the Sigma 8-16? Any views on using the 10-20/3.5 inside a Hugyfot D200 with standard dome and the 8-16 inside the same? Regards
  2. Thanks Tim. Email already sent there! Regards
  3. How coincidental! I am also in Fleet! Unfortunately I go to Dive Wimbledon which is a bit of a drive. Simon Brown is also in Fleet, that makes 4 UW photographers!! Let me know if you find anywhere! Regards
  4. I am happy with the answer from Hugyfot, the housing is physically tested to 150m and the limiting factor for the 100m rating is the return of the push-buttons on the housing, hence the option to increase their strength and get a deeper rating. Regarding your comment above, this is pretty much how I phrased the question to Ikelite but their reply was So I have replied asking about whether they test to static or dynamic pressures. I personally think the former but it provides no additional 'safety' margin if the camera is moving around at depth. I have also asked what the failure points are. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I doing quite a lot of deeper wreck photography (45-60m) in the UK and I have an upcoming project in the Med with a depth of around 110m. I shoot with a D200 inside a Hugyfot housing and have spoken to Pascal who said I can upgrade the housing to 150m by increasing the strength of the springs which can be done here in the UK via Divelife (new distributor in the UK). I use 2 x strobes (1 x DS125 and 1 x SS200) on LocLine arms and have emailed Ike about the test depth ratings for the strobes. They replied and said that the strobes are tested to their rated depth and no deeper. Personally I would have thought that they were tested a bit deeper to take into account dynamic pressures but that is what he says. So, has anyone taken a DS125 or SS200 deeper than 90m? If so, what happened? Thanks
  6. Now looking for £1300 for this. Need to pay for my D200 rig somehow!!
  7. Hi All, I am looking at revamping my website to be more commercial allowing print sales and stock photography purchases. Can anyone here give me an idea of some good sites/software packages that are designed with photographers and print sales/stock photography in mind? Thanks
  8. What I meant, is there a way that you store the WB like you can when the camera is outside the housing ie press and hold the WB button, rotate to PRE, press and hold WB again, fire shutter and capture that WB 'environment' and then use it as d0.
  9. I have recently taken delivery of a D200 and Hugyfot housing and would like to know how (if it is possible) to set the WB whilst the camera is inside the housing. I shoot mainly deep wrecks with mixed natural and strobe lighting so I normally shoot RAW but if I can take out some of the colours at depth when shooting natural only it would be great. Regards
  10. I have a been using an Aquatica housing for my Fuji S2 SLRs and have produced a few fairly decent images using this setup, however, I have now upgraded to a Hugyfot housing for a D200 to allow me to get better images in low-light and also to exploit the larger LCD screen & histogram on the D200 and therefore my S2 rig is up for sale. This would make an excellent entry into the UW dSLR world for someone at a very reasonable price. The Aquatica Housing is reviewed here and comes with twin Nikonos 5-pin connectors and 8" dome port #18405 8" dome shade for fisheyes #18480 Neoprene cover for 8" dome port#18500 Neoprene cover protection for 8" dome port with shade #18503 Extension Ring For Nikon 18mm, 12-24mm, Sigma 10-20mm #18456 Zoom ring for Sigma 10-20mm f4.5-5.6 EX #18698 2 x body O-rings #18801 2 x port O-rings The Fuji S2s are in very good condition. Both have had the sensor replaced by Fuji (issue of sensors losing all power). The bodies will come with 11 x CR123A batteries worth around £20 as I no longer need these with the D200. I am only selling the 2 x S2 bodies, they will not come with any lenses. The total cost for the 2 x S2s and complete housing plus port, if bought new, would cost in the region of £2700 (assuming secondhand S2s as you can't get them new anymore). This set-up has done me well and produced some excellent photos (Sport Diver, GUE calendar and Mark Powell's Deco Theory book). The dome port is completely clear of scratches. The housing itself has some minor paint peelings (known problem with the Aquatica S2 Housing) and the shade has some scratches on the outside. I used the shade all the time when diving on wrecks to protect the dome port and it has done it's job well. The housing was serviced before I bought it a year ago and has done in the region of 75 dives since then, each time rinsed and cleaned in fresh water before being put away. I have also put a small modification on the shade which will stop the dreaded port unlock problem with the Aquatica housings (small loop of cave line to the handle to prevent unwinding of the port). If you are interested in this setup please contact me via PM or email on my website and I will get back to you. Pictures on request. Willing to ship but at buyers cost. Regards Gareth
  11. I have recently purchased a Hugyfot D200 to upgrade my Aquatica S2 system. My photography is deep wreck based and when I started with the S2 I bought 2 x SS200s from here which have served me well. Unfortunately one of them flooded so I bought a DS-125 to replace it (couldn't afford a DS200) Last night I put connected the strobes (Nik 5 pin) to the housing and put the flash plate into my S2 to see if everything worked okay. The DS-125 would fire okay but the SS-200 wouldn't. I then tried swapping the ttl board with the manual board so that I can fire them non-TTL (which is what I normally do for deep wreck work anyway) and the SS-200 still would not fire. I am going to go through the process of swapping leads etc to try and isolate the fault (if there is one). But before I do, is there any reason why the SS-200 should not fire when using the described setup? I also presume that I will be able to fire the strobes as non-TTL with the SS200 or am I going to have to sell that and get another DS-125? My D-200 arrives tomorrow so I can't experiment with that at the moment which is why I am using the S2 to trigger the strobes. Regards Gareth
  12. Just bought a Hugyfot housing and 2 ports from Cameras Underwater for £1500. Thanks for the contacts I had.
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