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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the responses. I'll check out your pics David. I'll probably go with this lens. Thanks, Dennis.
  2. I have a Rebel XT and I'm using a Canon 10-22m WA as well as a Canon 100mm for macro. I'm looking for something in the middle. Have any of you used this lens and if so, what do you think of it? I have an Ike housing with dual DS-125s. Does IS make a difference U/W? Would you choose a differnt lens? Thanks, Dennis.
  3. Those are great first pics Jam. Remember we all start somewhere. I remember taking my first ones underwater and I can understand how excited you are to see the first ones. Keep shooting!
  4. i'm not sure about CM out of Manila, but when I went through Guam from Palau To Chuuk a couple of weeks ago there was an embargo on, so the third peice of checked luggage I was traveling with, a Pelican with my housing, was not accepted. I had given the agent the $50 but he said he couldn't do it and gave me my money back. So I just went ahead and carried it on with my computer case and a camera backpack. No problems. And we were flying coach.
  5. The thing that really gets me about things being stolen after you check them in is that once the bags leave your hands they are supposed to be entering a secure area. How can things go missing from a secure area? All of us go through a lot of screening to fly these days to make sure flights are safe. If someone can steal bags from a secure area and spirit them out of the airport why can't they bring something like a bomb, in? Bags are supposed to travel on the same plane with you. They are supposed to be tracking these things. In my opinion the whole system is a joke. Security? Window dressing if you ask me. Sorry for the rant.
  6. Great photo Jam. Mike, if I knew you liked CR I would have brought you a bottle. Next time. Jam your photos keep getting better and better. The ones today on SB were great! Dennis.
  7. I use the Ike housing and have had great luck with it and my XT. It can take quite a bit of abuse as well, It got bumped around more than once in the heavy currents in Palau. I love the DS-125's too. Fast recycle time and fast charge time.
  8. I just came back from a month in Micronesia, travelling to Yap, Palau and Chuuk. I had one dive bag on rollers, one suitcase (I took WAY too many clothes) and a Pelican case with my Rebel XT housing and strobes for checked baggage. Yes, that adds up to 3 and I did have to pay extra for the third bag and extra weight because the weight limit is 50lbs. per bag, down from 70lbs. (No more exception for dive gear on Continental) My camera and lenses were carried on in a Lowepro backpack and computers in another bag for carry ons. When we left Palau for the trip through Guam to Chuuk, I was told the was an embargo on and I could only have 2 checked bags. The agent handed me back my $50 for the extra bag and said to carry it on. So I ended up with 3 carry-ons and the Pelican case and the backpack easily fit in the overhead bins, the computer bag under the seat. No questions, no problems. I don't know what the airline in the US would say about 3 carry-ons though. When I travel with the Pelican case I use zip ties instead of locks since my friends at TSA twice forgot to put TSA approved locks back on. I leave extras inside and they use them every time.
  9. Thanks Jam. Great to see the the MOF messaage being spread through the entire diving community. There are a couple more on this board.
  10. Well this is my first post here. I had never taken an underwater picture until November 26th when I travelled to Yap and took a photo course from Mike Veitch. In fact, I had never taken my new Rebel XT or Ikelite housing out of the boxes. So what you see is the direct result of a good teacher. Thanks to Tim Rock who was also there at the time. I took about 8,000 photos over the last month including Palau and Truk and gained new respect for folks who take UW photos. I think I only did one dive without a camera, although leaving the lens cap on and installing the camera so I could not turn it on happened a couple times, and can't imagine diving without it now. I hope you like it, it is the best one I've found so far. I'm still going through them all. Dennis
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