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  1. You need to read this. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14564&page=1#
  2. I havent done any cage diving in SA but have had the fortune of doing it at Guadalupe. The cages at Guadalupe on the Nautius Explorer were designed with photographers in mind so they were great even for the big FE domes. The numbers in the cage were a lot less than 8 as well so opportunities at Guadalupe were great. The type of cage diving was also very different from what you will experience as my chosen operator did not bait from the back of the boat. Half of my images had the cage in them, some on purpose, some not. At the end of the day I went cage diving so wasnt at all bothered about getting it in the frame. You'll have a great time in SA. http://www.euphoticzoneimaging.com/sharks
  3. I wont name them at this stage but if I have not recieved payment within 14 days then I will be naming them. This is the first time that I have ever been let down with payment. I actually received a payment from Diver UK for an image that they used of mine that I had given them permission to use a year or so prior to it being published, so yes there are good ones out there. Stew
  4. How long is acceptable to wait for payment from a big underwater dive magazine. I supplied an image that was used almost 6 months ago now and have still not received payment. I have sent numerous emails requesting payment only to be told that my payment is " being processed " and " thank you for your patience " Stew
  5. Cheers Marc and Tim. I have started to re design the homepage and with advice from both of you, it is already looking 100% better. So glad I asked . Stew
  6. Hi Marc. That's exactly the feedback I was after. Cheers Stew
  7. I am in the process of building my new website. I want to keep it simple as I think simple works. I have a few galleries live which are Sharks, Macro, Wide Angle, Wrecks and Rays. I have more content to add into these galleries and I will also be adding the same images into the galleries that are not live yet which will be from where the images were taken. I would love some feedback at this stage so I can make changes should there be a need before doing to much work on the site. I want the experience to be simple for the end user. If you could spare a few minutes to have a look and give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. http://www.euphoticzoneimaging.com/ Regards Stew
  8. What a great collection. Great lighting and great detail. Stew
  9. Dolphin Dream. You will need to get on one of the charters that are doing sharks and dolphins. It's a good sized boat. Food is delicious and the pool is always open. Stew
  10. Not much diving for me this year due to injury. This is one of my favourite images that I have shared this year. Taken at Cedros last month. Happy bubbles Stew
  11. Great set on Flickr Tim. Great vibrant colours and needle sharp. :-)
  12. Here is Louises final cut from our 15 day combo trip to Guadalupe and Socorro with a couple of other islands in between. It was her first time out with the 7D and Nauticam housing. A good job done in my opinion. Stew
  13. I can't believe there has not been a thread started on this subject. It appears that the Japanese nuclear facility is in a terrible condition and high levels of contaminated water are entering the sea and heading towards the west coast of America. How long it will take for the true extent of the problem to be published I don't know, that is of course if it ever will be published. One thing is certain though, is that the Pacific Ocean is going to suffer. http://consciouslifenews.com/radioactive-water-fukushima-systematically-poisoning-entire-pacific-ocean/1162571/
  14. Very nice Andre. Brings back memories Stew
  15. Really nice set. I know how challenging it is out there. Were you liveaboard based? If you were, what was the diving at The Arch, and Wolf like. Did you get to witness any big schools of Hammers? The turtle shot is spot on. Regards Stew
  16. Just spent 2 nights at the camp and can't wait to return. The camp is a back to basics resort with great diving and a warm welcome. The food menu has something for everyone and all freshly made. Sadly I am nursing an injury that prevented me from taking my camera so no photos to share. :-( The house reef is great. Two fringing reefs separated by a bed of sea grass. Critters including a lovely pair of sea horses can be found in the sea grass, and the usual reef fish can be found along both reefs. Reef squid are in their numbers, I found a star gazer and many varieties of shrimp on a night dive.. Louise was trying out here new rig so a video will appear on WP very soon. Planning our return trip already. Stew
  17. For sale Sony pc1000e video camera and ikelite housing for sale. Item is in the UK Bidding on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ikelite-Underwater-Camera-Housing-And-Sony-Pc1000-Camcorder-/330903177139?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d0b5dc7b3
  18. Has anyone used this firmware on the MKII and is it worth installing. I must admit I haven't used my MKII in video mode at all so don't really know the pro's and cons with the canon firmware. Any pointers appreciated Stew
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  20. I have a sea and sea housing for canon 350d also have two 350d cameras too
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