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  1. Interested in housing is it still available
  2. Gorgeous shots, I like the macro, the baby and love the sunburst Lou (nicking stew's login)
  3. It appears that the new Egyptian government has now given the go ahead to start construction of a land sea bridge that will go from Sharm to Saudi. The plan is to use the island if Tiran as a stepping stone. I hope that the beautiful reefs don't have to suffer because of this. http://www.egyptindependent.com/news/govt-signals-saudi-bridge-project-moving-forward Stew
  4. If you did split, how much for the camera and housing and viewfinder only - I already have ports, focus gear and lenses. thanks
  5. I cant see your video yet as i have a poor internet connection. Really like the Hammerhead shot you have on Flickr though. Cocos is an amazing place if everything comes together. Stew
  6. Hi Brent. I think most members would have been more than pleased with results like yours from their first trip out with a camera. The 15mm and mkII combo is a good choice and the 15mm allows you to get in really close. Use this as much as you can. Your exposure on the blues is very good so you have obviously done your homework and understand how a camera works. Diving in groups can be fun, but when you are trying to take shots it's the last thing you will be wanting to do. Keep up the hard work and keep on posting. Stew
  7. Liking the first Angelfish abstract shot. Some punchy colours amongst that set. Nice
  8. Cheers Eileen, Damo and Pam. Eileen, there are many critter sites around Komodo but my favourite was called Bethlehem ( unusual suspects ). You will love the diversity of what Komodo has to offer. Manta rays one minute and Pygmy seahorses the next. Fast adrenalin drift dives in the morning and then lazy black sand muck dives in the afternoon. This was my second trip and I can't wait to go back Stew
  9. A small selection of some wide angle work whilst diving Bali and Komodo. Mola Mola images at 33 metres natural light. Iso 1600 and iso 400. Enjoy
  10. Cheers Elmer, Nu, Paul, Tim and Alex Regards stew
  11. Christ I haven't got that much time on my hands. Only joking :-) when I get back to my hotel tonight I will have a look through and let you know Regards Stew
  12. Hi Paul To me I think that there are a lot of images within this specific gallery that look over processed. An example of this is the PS sunburst images. Personally I don't think they work. There also seem to be a few that are out of focus and not sharp in the right areas. If you are serious about selling your images via your website, then it might be an idea to remove images such as I have mentioned and just keep the images that tick the boxes that future clients will be looking for. I think it would be totally different if your website was just a place where you display your images for friends to look at but if you are after sales from your images, T shirts, calanders and want photographers to hire you to teach them underwater photography, or publishers to commission you then I think you need to streamline all of your galleries. Having photos within your website that are personal to you, but not to anyone else, just adds clutter to your website. There are some nice images in each gallery and my opinion is that you should be a bit more decisive about what you want people to buy and what you would like people to just look at. Perhaps keep your website for the best images that you have and join flickr to post the others. It's about quality not quantity. I hope this is taken in the way it is meant All the best Stew
  13. 2 and 3 for me. Like the position of the diver in the 3rd Stew
  14. Well that wasnt what I was expected Jeff. Someone has a great imagination. I am only viewing on an iPhone so take this comment with a pinch of salt. To me the models nose on the left ( her right ) would benefit a bit more definition. I like it though. Stew
  15. Love the detail in the Krait Bent. Lovely shots as always. Stew
  16. Hi Steve. This was my first real trip with the Subsee and I was pretty worried about lighting positioning as the 250's are so big, but I think I managed to pull of a few nice images. As for focusing, it was a bit of both MF and AF. The Subsee is an amazing tool especially for full frame sensors shooting macro. Obviously the depth of field is minimal but I think it is a great piece of glass to have on the 100mm. The 100mm behaved perfect in AF but i am sure that without a good focus light it might hunt a little. I actually had the +5 on my rig as well but didn't use it once. I can't wait to go back out to Indonesia for another bash. WA images coming soon
  17. A small selection of macro images from another amazing trip to Komodo on the Mermaid 1. All images taken with Canon 5D MKII, Sea and Sea YS250's, Canon 100mm, super macro images with Subsee +10 http://www.flickr.com/photos/26034596@N08/sets/72157631686058345/show/ Enjoy Stew
  18. Nu uses a 7D in Nauticam box ( sorry alex ) 10-17 for wide angle behind a mini dome and 100mm IS for macro and a Subsee +10 for small critters. Sola 600's for lighting
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4M8B9QkLOM&list=UU0xLw1wpdE5mHWLE3XAV03Q&index=1&feature=plcp This footage is not my own but the Mermaid Liveaboards videogrpher Nu. The footage was all taken from a ten day liveaboard on the Mermaid 1 and just a small snippet of the time we had. Stew
  20. I think thats a great example of when lens correction is needed Marli. stew
  21. You might want to have a look here. http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/education/technical/eos_5d_custom_functions_explained.do and this might be of use to you also. http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/education/technical/custom_functions_for_underwater.do Stew
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