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  1. Purchased an SX extention ring from Norbert Wu. Great price and great communications. Cheers Norb
  2. If I didn't already own these amazing strobes I would have had these at this give away price. Cheap as chips
  3. Hi Norb I will take the sx off you depending on shipping costs to the UK. if you could pm me with costs I will purchase asap
  4. From your recent FB photo posting John I thought that it might be your thing that is 2 metres long getting in the frame. Regards Stew
  5. That's a massive library. I would be heading that way too if I didn't go through my collections a few years ago and delete all the images that were not 5 stars. ( others will disagree )This removed plenty of space on various hard drives which they were stored on. I now back up using external hard drives, and also use Dropbox which I think is £100 per year. It's also a great tool for file sharing. An example of deleting as you go, I just returned from a really good trip from Egypt and out of 500 images taken, I saved only the 30 best images. Stew
  6. Hi Mark For me it must be safety conscious. Have a good friendly experienced crew that will interact with customers, especially the cruise director. A Chef that knows how to deliver a meal for exhausted divers. Good space for multiple camera rigs and a good supply of fresh water for rinsing rigs post dive. Things that have always been nice that I have remembered from certain liveaboards are like a wake up call with my prefered choice of beverage. The evening meal being served at least 30 minutes after the last diver is out of the water from a dusk/night dive. Free shower gel, shampoo and conditioner onboard as us divers/UW photographers have more important things to take on a plane. Good quality torches onboard for night dives. Plenty of charging points for batteries. Regards Stew
  7. Cheers for the comments everyone. It was a great trip and diving with RedSeaSnapper is a must for any serious UW Tog diving in Egypt. You get photo opportunities with them that you just won't get from a normal dive centre. Stew
  8. Hi Jay and welcome onboard. I love the colours of the painted Elysia in your latest gallery. Looking forward to seeing some images and trip report posts from you Stew
  9. Good stuff. Sounds interesting. Stew
  10. Will it be available as an iBook John Stew
  11. It's always good to meet up with other Wetpixel members, even if it was for a couple of bus rides. Next time your out in Sharm, shout me up and if I am around we can have a beer or 2. as Steve says the balanced lighting on image 5 is pleasing to the eye. #3 is also a nicely exposed image. Great first photo gallery post. Regards Stew
  12. Not a good year for the Siren Fleet. Glad that no lives were lost and everyone made it to land. Well done the crew for being on the ball. Stew
  13. Cheers. Diving daily out of Naama with RedSeaSnapper. There are very few divers around due to the recent problems in Egypt, but that works in an UW photographers favour as the dive sites are less crowded, Stew
  14. More images from a very fruitful week of photography in Egypt. W/A with Sigma 15mm - Macro with Canon 100mm Unicorn fish forming at Shark Reef by samui13coconut13, on Flickr unicorn portrait by samui13coconut13, on Flickr steve and gorgonian by samui13coconut13, on Flickr sweepers by samui13coconut13, on Flickr Mushroom coral abstract by samui13coconut13, on Flickr snappers head on by samui13coconut13, on Flickr sunburst and snapper by samui13coconut13, on Flickr Blue Spotted Ray portrait by samui13coconut13, on Flickr puffer fish by samui13coconut13, on Flickr Stew
  15. Its that time of year again when all the fish come out to play. Heres a selection from a week of amazing diving and photo ops. schooling snapper by samui13coconut13, on Flickr schooling batfish by samui13coconut13, on Flickr diver and snapper by samui13coconut13, on Flickr snapper starting to ball by samui13coconut13, on Flickr diver and snapper by samui13coconut13, on Flickr reef at Shark by samui13coconut13, on Flickr reef at Shark2 by samui13coconut13, on Flickr fire coral by samui13coconut13, on Flickr reef at Shark by samui13coconut13, on Flickr travellies starteing to form by samui13coconut13, on Flickr Stew
  16. Cheers Tim and Adam All the snappers, batfish and other schools are showing at Ras Mo now so I will be wide angle for a few days now, but I will use some of the ideas mentioned above Stew
  17. Cheers lads and not a word about this on any of the Stix packaging. Shame on you Stix. Stew
  18. Recently purchased the Stix foam belt and just curious if any other users have had any issues with coming off whilst in the water. I havent used it yet but any tips appreciated if it does come adrift from the port. Stew
  19. What an amazing experience that must be. I have added this place to the " do before I die " list and now I have to live until I am 105. I can't quite see me in the water finning like crazy at that age. My plans for the next few years will have to change. Are there any liveaboards out there? Stew
  20. Well done some great images. Must be nice to be commissioned to go to great places. Stew
  21. Don't you just love revisiting old dive holiday photo folders and finding images like this. Very moody. Stew
  22. Anything nailed with a +10 is a good shot. I think the red background is slightly distracting and a nice black background would have improved this shot. Stew
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