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  1. what were the currents like, were they as bad as they say they are. we are both advanced divers and used to strong currents but like to prepare ourselves for them. also have you posted any photos anywhere. cheers for the info, stew
  2. has anyone been on the deep blue to the galapagos. i am booked for june 06 and would like to hear from anyone that has been on her. many thanks, stewsmith
  3. this was snapped at lembeh, KBR house reef... I have no idea what it is.....
  4. wow. some excellent photo's. i am new to diving and photography and only have a sony P12 with sony housing. I have been to a few nice locations this year and have had a great deal of fun capturing shots that remind me of excellent times. my photos are not in the same league as most of the postings here, but the smile on my face has definately been as big. happy new year and safe diving...
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