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About Me

There are so many beautiful things that surround us every day. Don't forget to open your eyes and check them out! You might not know what you're missing.

I enjoy the wonderful blue ocean and the great outdoors. My mind is strong & willing but my body is weak. Lupus & RA are cruel beasts but it's all about the fight. I used to be a skydiver, bodyboarder, free diver, mountain biker, shooting range junkie, dirt biker, street bike rider & off road adventurer. My body made me stop. It completely changed my life.

Now...??? I'm a Master Scuba Diver, recreational photographer, fisher-"woman", & slowly picking up the pieces. I will NEVER give up the fight. I'm still going to enjoy things I love to do, even if it kills me. We only live this life once! Being a disabled diver, I'm being provided therapy and healing because diving has given me a way to exercise while feeling weightless, stretching my muscles and using my entire body with no stress on my joints. The underwater world is absolutely gorgeous & it's impossible to put the beauty into words. I am thankful and I feel completely blessed that there is an activity I love, which can also help my body!



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