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  1. Thanks Chris. That look pretty good and the price is right. I'm sure with a bit of cutting and shutting (with silicone sealant) I could get the cables out and even get some kind of sealed 3/8" thread plate to give us some kind of mount point. Thank you very much.
  2. Folks, This may not be the right place but I'm hoping for some creative thinking and advice if you'd be so kind. I work for an organisation that takes photos of footpath pavement for damage. We do this using an automated system that uses a pair of Sony a6000 cameras. These are remotely and automatically triggered via the "multi-port" on the camera. At the moment the cameras are mounted on the front of a vehicle and pretty much exposed to the elements. We don't take photos in the pouring rain but there is a risk of splash and light rain. Is there a waterproof case in the market that already supports some kind waterproof interface access to the camera? I'm aware of the Meikon case which seems to have two connectors that I think are for the flash. I'm guessing there's some kind of hot shoe interface there. I'm handy with a soldering iron so making up small "fly leads" internal to the case shouldn't be a problem but without seeing these cases the issue will be clearance around the body of the camera to allow a plug to be inserted into the camera and still allow the case to close. The second major issue is access to waterproof connectors. Ideally if I could get 5 internal wires connected to the waterproof connectors outside the case I'd be fine. However I need three minimum for the automatic shutter trigger. You advice, experience and recommendations appreciated.
  3. G'day folks my name is Andrew I don't really belong here as I don't dive and take photos but I do need advice on waterproof cases for my Sony a6000. I'm hoping you guys can help me out. Hopefully posting here will allow me to ask a question in the right form. So please indulge me while I pick your brains.
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