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  1. I unfortunately lost a diffuser for my UFL-2, and they're not easy to find nowadays. I'd probably even buy a spare working UFL-2 if you have one you want to get rid of! Thanks!
  2. I currently have an E-M5 mark 1 with the Olympus housing with two UFL stobes. I'm looking to upgrade my lens, with the intent on buying a new M4/3 down the road. I'm torn between picking out a new lens. Anyone have a suggestions or opinions on either the 7-14mm or 12-40mm Pro lens from Olympus? I'd probably be buying an AOI port to go with my new lens. Thanks in advance. Marty
  3. Are the 5" arms still available? I sent you a PM. Thanks.
  4. I know this is an old-ish thread, but are you still looking for a new home for that 9-18mm and dome port?
  5. I have an Olympus EM-5 with PT-EP08 housing with two UFL-2 strobes. I am looking to buy a 9-18mm lens and dome port for the housing, as well as a dual arm tray for the strobes. Thanks!
  6. This still available? I'm interested in the dome port, tray/arms, strobe and focus light. Thanks
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