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  1. Howard Hall wrote an article on breaking into the business. He says one approach is the ask the client's budget and let them know what he can do within that price range. I think that's for custom work though. You can check it out here. http://www.howardhall.com/stories/breakingin.html
  2. FWIW, that's generally what I use. My camera's ISO goes down to 80 but with the strobe it's just easier to go with the even 100. I've gone as high as 400 but it was fairly grainy. There are many more experienced people out there who might be able to provide better info than I can. Let me know how your shooting goes.
  3. Thanks guys, Splashdown divers is a great site. My camera is set to no pre-flash so I haven't had a problem with that and I've been able to get shots of my cat. All of which are over-exposed but I know the strobe is firing. The thing I'm having a hard time with is the size and weight. My UCLS arms are 8" & 5" and it's just monsterous compared to what I'm used to. On land the YS-90 is pretty heavy and it's pretty difficult to position it, etc. I'm guessing time and practice are my only options. I'll let you know if I stumble onto anything great. thanks
  4. Of those, I would go with the 110 when it comes out. It's a little cheaper than the YS-90, has a faster recycling time and a modelling light. Otherwise, they're almost the same. The only word of caution is that because it's a new product, it's not as thoroughly field tested but if you buy from a reputable shop you should have any problems should something be wrong with the strobe.
  5. I have a new strobe!!! Yay! I've had my camera for about a year and a half a just got my strobe this week. Yay! I go on vacation in about 5 weeks and would like tips and excersices that may have helped you get better at using your strobe. Here's the kicker. I broke my foot three weeks ago so it's fairly unlikely that I'll be able to get in the water before my trip. I plan to spend some time in a dark-ish room trying to get the feel of the strobe and hope to maybe make it into the pool to play as well. It's not ideal but that's what I get for being less than graceful. FWIW, I have an Oly 5060, PT-020 housing, UCLS arms and a YS-90 auto on a fiberoptic cable. thanks
  6. Hello, I understand that the YS-90 Auto is the newer model and better designed to work with digital cameras. I was planning on getting one for my Oly C-5060 with PT-020 housing next month when an incredible deal came my way for a YS-90DX. I know that the YS-90X works with my camera (seller uses a 5050) as well and by looking at the specs on Sea & Sea's web site, they seem nearly identical. I can get about 40 flashes and about 200 degrees more K on the color temp, plus the F stops are different. Does anyone have the DX for their Oly or have experience with both strobes? This is a really good deal but I'm also afraid that I may be settling for something less appropriate for what I need, which I'm willing to do if it's not too big of a difference. Most of my uses are macro as our viz is So Cal doesn't lend to WA. thanks
  7. Thanks, I can't get to digital diver from work so I've been waiting not so patiently until I can get home and check it out. -Renee
  8. Hello, I dive with a Oly 5060 with a PT020 housing and am looking at strobes. (Yay!) Most of my diving is in So Cal with limited viz and lots of particulate matter, so most of my pics are/will be macro. I'm researching Sea & Seas strobes and have this question: I assume the strobe's model number is an indication of increasing power, however I have read (or thought I did) that the higher a guide number the higher the output so I'm confused by the following: YS 90 - GN 22 YS 55 - GN 18 YS 25 - GN 49.5 YS 15 - GN 12 Why does the 25 have the highest GN? thanks -Renee
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