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  1. Hey Starfish, I was at his house on Thursday--took the HB cops with me to make sure I didn't get arrested. I confronted him about the money he owes (won a judgement in Westminster CA small claims court). He said he wasn't going to pay...I recommended him to two other folks here in Hawaii (before I had my problems) and they are having control problems and leaks. This guy is a pathological liar and seems to feel that he is in the right--I wish I could get away with kicking his ass--but I know I'll end up in jail... I hope you have better luck with him--keep me posted! Aloha, Crusty
  2. Just an update for all you thinking about buying underwater housings for your cameras. I sued Seacam and Ed Ivey on February 28, 2006 in Westminster, California Small Claims Court. Judgement was in my favor in the amount of $3700. No where in the judgement did it require my returning the housing to Mr. Ivey, but I did, in the hopes that he would pay me sooner. Of course, once I returned to Hawaii, Mr. Ivey quit returning my phone calls and emails. He lied in court to the judge, he lied to me, and he lies to everyone who visits his website. Beware! I recently received an email from Meng Fye Wong in Singapore who has had a similar experience -- paying for something that never arrived and not getting his money returned. DON"T send this guy any money for anything! If you are looking for a housing there are plenty of reputable people out there who will build a housing from the ground up and have it to you within a few weeks--a reasonable amount of time. Chris Rust
  3. Just a warning to you underwater videographers...Seacam Subsea Systems is making a housing for the Sony HVR-Z1U/FX1 that doesn't work and it leaks. I paid (in March) $3600US for a housing that the controls didn't work and the unit leaked. I sent it back for repairs, but it came back and still leaked. The controls are awkward to use and only work sometimes. Business practices at Seacam are that too bad if it doesn't work--too bad it took a long time to ship (4 months when promised 1)--too bad that we've held your unit for the past 4 months and don't know when we'll send it back to you--and NO you CAN'T have your money back. It doesn't seem to matter that you've lost jobs and money (to the tune of $10,000) because you don't have a unit you can depend on--too bad we don't keep our promises at any point in the process--too bad the unit leaked and damaged your camera. I've been threatened with the police if I try to hash things out face to face. I've used a number of different housings during my career and NEVER had one leak EVER. Remember, you heard it here...
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