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  1. I learned a lesson on my last trip to the Caymans. NEVER assemble you housing when you just wake up and your not fully awake!!! I use a Ikelite for my D7000 and after swapping out lenses and changing my dome body I forgot the o-ring!!! The housing was sent back to get the electronics replaced My question is what is the best way to clean the interior of my dome in order to avoid scratches from any salt residue or leave any water marks? Its a 5" acrylic dome any thoughts? thanks Terry D.
  2. Hey Bill Thanks for the quick reply. What rings would I need with your dome and say my Nikon 60mm with and with out the 1.4 TC (Kenko)? Any ideas? thanks Terry p.s. Ill email Mary this Monday about getting your port.
  3. Hi Bill thanks I have already emailed your company and have had a reply from Mary Schock that the dome is in stock and can be shipped asap A quick question to you (or anyone else) could I forgo the 8" dome and just use your 5" dome as my WA dome? I wont be be taking any over under shots. thanks Terry
  4. Thanks for your replies guys Im definitely getting the 10-17 FE lens and possibly the Kenko 1.4 TC after reading a lot of the other posts on the forum and seeing the results. safe diving Terry
  5. Hey Ikelite users Im in a quandary and wonder if anyone has the setup Im hoping to get from Ikelite. I have a Nikon D7000 and Im buying a Tokina 10-17 FE lens and will be using sometime with the Kenko Teleplus Pro 300AF - 1.4x DGX. After searching the forum(s) I have discovered that a LOT of you like/love this combo. I would be using either the lens on its own or with the 1.4 TC with the 8" dome (for wrecks/sharks or any other WA shots) and a 5" dome in the future(for some CFWA). My question is what modular port body should I get/use when I use the 1.4 TC? Is the Super-Wide Angle Port Body (5510.11) with one of the extension rings the way to go? or Is the Standard Zoom Port Body (5510.16) or Nikon 12-24mm Port Body (5510.22) on their own the way to go? I also have a Nikon 60mm D lens that I am getting the flat port that uses the Nikon 12-24mm Port Body (5510.22). thanks in advance Terry
  6. I presently have a Nikon AF-S 12-24mm f/4.0 G IF-ED DX Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens I m presently upgrading my gear with new lens dooms from Ikelite. My question is... should I stick with the 12-24 lens or "upgrade" to the 10-17 Tonika fisheye lens more info I will be shooting it with a D7000Nikon and hopefully shooting some video......in Truk and Palau for starters. Is the 12-24 "good enough" or should I just pull the trigger and buy a 10-17 + extra rings from Ike. Also I have a Scottish back ground so the cheapest solution is the best.. any thoughts Thanks Terry
  7. Hey Natham\ I have dove in Grenada with Aquanauts grenada http://www.aquanautsgrenada.com/ They can cover anything from tri-mix gas/rebreather to simple air if thats what you dive. I and a couple of other guys have dove with them out of their True Blue Bay site and they are top notch. They also have an "office"on Grand Anse Beach We had a DM/Instructor Paul (British) as our leader and he's was one of the best Dm Ive have in the Caribbean and Ive done over a 500 dives there (caribbean)and he can dive all of the above listed if needed. The boats usually have "small groups " of up to 10 divers (when we were there) smaller if your a tech diver. One Dive is a must if your diving in Grenada Off Point Salines, St Georges Description: Cruise ship Length: 220 metres Depth: 145Ft to deck,160-170 Ft to sea floor Visibility: 75-100 Ft As of Must do sites you have to do the wreck of the Bianca C. Its one of the best in the Caribbean but she is starting to succumb to her time in salt water. When you dive her you usually start by descending onto her stern which is about 140-150 Ft with about 160 Ft to the sea floor. The current if any runs from stern to bow and to a "shallow" reef @ about 60 ft (Whibble reef) their ar may dive site on the "caribbean"/leeward side and a few on the Caribbean/windward side depending on.....you guessed it the wind. The y have a nice reef called I thing nurse Shark reef wh ich sort of straddled the Caribbean and Atlantic ...our first dive saw many a nurse shark and heard whales (my guess humpbacks) off in the distance. check them out I dont think you will be disappointed cheers Terry
  8. Thanks Jack and Alex Those are 2 important points!!! It's the the D7000 for me TerryD
  9. Ikelite just relased a new housing for the Nikon D5100 today (15/07/11). Im torn on which camera to get. Im presently using a D70s . The cameras are almost identical save for focal points 11 vs 39 and the veiw finder coverage 95% vs 100%. Both have the same sensor 16.2 megapixels with the Expeed 2 processor. The D5100 records video in mono and the D7000 in stereo but does that matter underwater? What do you guys think? Here in Canada the D5100 costs ~$700.00 and the D7000 is ~$ 1150.00 Is it worth the extra $450 bucks for the D7000. What dou you guys think? thanks Terry D
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