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  1. For the 8-15mm with FF will be better the 8-9". I check in the Isotecnic web site ed in the chart I find this: 1) Dome 5" with extension ring of 40mm 2) Dome 8" with extension ring of 30mm
  2. I see that video I must renew my rechargher battery packs,I'm a wedding photographer and I use a lot the battery for the strobes, I want to test the Ikea battery.
  3. On land I love the 17-35 f2,8 for make reportage but underwater I use only fish lenses. For the cave I think that the 15mm sigma fish eye is better that the wide ange zooms.
  4. Look this site, It have a good stuff with a good price. http://www.flex-arm.com/en/
  5. I have two Ikelite 100Ai strobes, and use the recharger D battery.
  6. I use carbonarm (carbonarm.com) and Isotecnic are good (isotecnic.it) For some accessories I find good and not expensive this: http://www.flex-arm.com/
  7. When I use the revers lens I use the AFD Nikon with the aperture gear. With the "G" series without aperture gear you can use a littel piece of plastic or Papar on the aperture lever on the graft side for open the apertiure and have more light for focusing. The problem is the very close depth of field.
  8. I use a Subtronic Alpha since 2000, and I have 2 Ikelite 100AI that I have buy used that they work yet. I made usually from 30 to 60 dive per year. Cristian.
  9. There's something wrong if it's require to use the closest f/stop (16-22), with the 10,5mm at f8 at the same distance and condition don't make this problem in the border. I have 2 D700 and 1 D800, ok they are good to the high ISO but the sharpness the you have ant the minimum ISO is better. Cristian.
  10. The lens that I have tested, it's not mine. I have used f8 1/125 @ 200iso at the minimum distance that permit the 15mm Sigma. In similar situation of shoot the 10,5mm Nikon with D80 and D800 work better. Cristian.
  11. John, I have tested the Sigma 15mm on land, in a mine shooting and at the the minimum distance, the lens that I have used was terrible on the border of the image, this is one of the images (nef file) develop with captureNX2: http://www.immaginephoto.it/temp/_70A8012.jpg I hope the Nikon make a 16mm like the 10,5mm. Cristian.
  12. I have tested the 15mm Sigma with D700 and I see a big problem of sharpness on the border of the images. The 16mm Nikon and the 10,5mm Nikon are in an other level. Cristian.
  13. Between 60mm and 105mm micro (I have both) I prefer the 105mm. Hello, Cristian.
  14. The last week end during the Eudi Show (Italian dive exibit) Isotecnic have presented the new housing for G11 and DSRL in alluminium. http://www.nikonclub.it/forum/Isotecnic_Pe...00-t158856.html
  15. The site of the old company "Underwave" is off line. I Have an Igloo housinge with some ports, and the italian company "Isotecnic" www.isotecnic.it make a modify for use the housinge with Nikon D80, D90, D200, D300, D700. The modify housing work very well. For the Easydive housing I have see and test in air the electronic control but I don't like it, you don't feel the shot button and there is a button for AF and an other for the shot. Hello, Cristian.
  16. Nikon D80, Nikon 10,5mm fish eye, 1 Subtronic Alpha, 1 Ikelite 100Ai Marsa Abu Dabbab - Egypt Cristian Umili _________________________________ www.cristianumili.com
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