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  1. Thank you all for your help. I got a hold of Ryan yesterday and he's going to replace the ball part on top of my handle with the ball part that accommodates the manual controller. It was shipped yesterday so I'm confident it will arrive. I see what you mean about the o ring in the ULCS handle causing it to not grip as well. I thought that they were compatible. I think it will be fine but I'll have to be a bit more careful with it on land. Oh well. Now I'm all set for my trip. Yay! Before buying my new Fuji e900, I had been using the 35mm Reefmaster and am very excited to be digital. I think a week on the Nekton Pilot will give me lots of opportunity to practice. jeanne
  2. I recently bought the Fuji e900 with the Ikelite housing and the DS-125 strobe with the EV Manual Controller. I got the ULCS tray and handle but the strobe has the Ikelite arms. To attach the strobe to the housing, I had to remove the lower piece of the Ikelite arms to attach it the the ball on the top of the handle. Now there is nowhere for the EV Manual Controller to attach. The remaining arm is too thin to hold it on. I've tried to call Reef Photo and B&H Photo and they both seem to be closed for New Year's. I'm leaving next Friday morning for Belize and I'm starting to get nervous about this. I've looked at all the connector options and it makes my head spin. Can someone please tell me what piece I need to buy? Or is there a way for this to work with what I have? And does anyone know if any stores are open today so I can order now? Your help is much appreciated! jeanne
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