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  1. Hello, I have had an A6000 and been diving for a couple of years but just got into underwater photo. I got an cheap meikon housing with tray. I want to do probably 70% photo and 30% video but mainly dive on trips so I dont want to lug around a lot of gear. I am looking into the Symbiosis system since it seems to be the only system with both strobe and video light. Since I know next to nothing about uw photo I have some questions I would be grateful to get an answer to. I probably want to buy one strobe now and evantually a second later. 1. Is it a bad idea to buy a brand new strobe without TTL in 2017? I dont know my shooting patterns so maybe I will regret it? 2. The dive lights on sybiosis are 2000lumens at 120 angle. Is that enough for my little camera? Should I just upgrade to the 4000 lumen heads right of the bat? I can prob get a discount on buying the 4000lm head without first buying the 2000lm ones. 3. I havent seen any comparisons of the about the uniformity of the beam on the Symbiosis compared to the competition (Inon Z240, S&S YS-D2). Also this http://wetpixel.com/articles/preview-retra-strobe-by-alex-mustard seems very interesting and they have a good introduction price price. Maybe wait for the Retra? 4. Has anyone tried the dome diffuser on the symbiosis? 5. Floats? My camera+housing+tray seems more or less neutrally buoyant. Now if I add one Symbiosis @ 1kg will I need any float arms? Or just buy normal arms and buy add on floats later. Thank you!
  2. Hello, New guy from Norway here. Been diving for a couple of years and just starting to get into UW photo/video. Nice to meet you!
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