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  1. How much are you asking for this kit?
  2. Thanks Drew I seem to be asking this Question wrong. What I am looking for is a program that will allow me to locate footage that I have logged into it. I was recently shown the program Sound Miner by a friend who records audio. I can tweak it to make work with my video clips but it was not designed for video. I am wondering if any of you have come across or use a similar program to catalog and store your video library?
  3. Thanks for looking I am looking for the software that some of the pros are using. I am using Mac computers.
  4. I am hoping to find out what some of you other video shooters are using for your video libraries? I am getting more and more clips and my archaic system of external drives is starting to drive me nuts.Thanks in advance
  5. Price is lowered to $3200.00 and I pay for the shipping. Must go I am making room for a new system.
  6. Light & Motion L10-T video system consisting of a Bluefin Hd video housing with the monitor back A Sony HC-7 Hd video camera with all its accessories 2 Light & Motion Sunray 1000 video light with brand new batteries and a charger and 2 articulating arms for the video lights. As well as the Pelican case to carry all this gear in. This housing was bought as a backup system and has been in the water less than 6 times. I am looking to get $3500.00 plus shipping for this setup. Contact me at; turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  7. Hard to find Light & Motion external monitor with all the goodies to make a pole cam rig. looking to get $1500.00 plus shipping for this setup. Contact me at turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  8. Light and Motion 110 super wide angle lens. This is the biggest lens that they make, model #802-0211-A I paid $2700.00 for the lens and used it to shoot the Manta Ray night dive in Kona with and have not been diving with it since. I would like to get $2000.00 for it. contact me at turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  9. Light and Motion 50mm WA lens #802-0201-A for sale I bought it new for my back up housing and have only dove with it a few times. Bought for $600.00 am looking to get $350.00. Contact me at turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  10. Up for sale is a newer Tokina 10-17 mm Nikon mount lens for sale I used it to shoot great white photos in Mexico last year and have not used it since. $475.00 plus shipping and it is yours.
  11. I will take them all if they are still available. My zip is 98229 if you let me know what the shipping is. Thanks, Michael
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