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  1. How much are you asking for this kit?
  2. Thanks Drew I seem to be asking this Question wrong. What I am looking for is a program that will allow me to locate footage that I have logged into it. I was recently shown the program Sound Miner by a friend who records audio. I can tweak it to make work with my video clips but it was not designed for video. I am wondering if any of you have come across or use a similar program to catalog and store your video library?
  3. Thanks for looking I am looking for the software that some of the pros are using. I am using Mac computers.
  4. I am hoping to find out what some of you other video shooters are using for your video libraries? I am getting more and more clips and my archaic system of external drives is starting to drive me nuts.Thanks in advance
  5. Price is lowered to $3200.00 and I pay for the shipping. Must go I am making room for a new system.
  6. Light & Motion L10-T video system consisting of a Bluefin Hd video housing with the monitor back A Sony HC-7 Hd video camera with all its accessories 2 Light & Motion Sunray 1000 video light with brand new batteries and a charger and 2 articulating arms for the video lights. As well as the Pelican case to carry all this gear in. This housing was bought as a backup system and has been in the water less than 6 times. I am looking to get $3500.00 plus shipping for this setup. Contact me at; turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  7. Hard to find Light & Motion external monitor with all the goodies to make a pole cam rig. looking to get $1500.00 plus shipping for this setup. Contact me at turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  8. Light and Motion 110 super wide angle lens. This is the biggest lens that they make, model #802-0211-A I paid $2700.00 for the lens and used it to shoot the Manta Ray night dive in Kona with and have not been diving with it since. I would like to get $2000.00 for it. contact me at turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  9. Light and Motion 50mm WA lens #802-0201-A for sale I bought it new for my back up housing and have only dove with it a few times. Bought for $600.00 am looking to get $350.00. Contact me at turtlephotographer@yahoo.com
  10. Up for sale is a newer Tokina 10-17 mm Nikon mount lens for sale I used it to shoot great white photos in Mexico last year and have not used it since. $475.00 plus shipping and it is yours.
  11. I will take them all if they are still available. My zip is 98229 if you let me know what the shipping is. Thanks, Michael
  12. I am looking to purchase a Light and Motion Sony A1U housing they quit making these a few years ago. If you have one collecting dust drop me an e-mail.
  13. I have used Sonys infared light with ok results but am looking for something where I dont have to get the camera so close to the subject, I want to shoot Leatherback turtles nesting and when the exit the water they are spooked easily. I am thinking about some type of night vision like what I used in the Marines. Thanks for the feed back, Michael
  14. Hello all, I have been shooting video of sea turtles nesting on the beaches with Sony cameras with (night shot) and am looking to be able to get some better quality footage. I am thinking about retrofitting a night vision Monocular to shoot thru to get better low light footage. My question has anyone done this yet to get better footage than is attainable with Sonys standard night shot setting???
  15. Do you have any pictures of your set up and a price that you are asking for it?
  16. The HC-9 will fit into a 2 year old Blue fin. The HC-9 is the same physical size as the 7 the only difference is that the camera body is black and not silver.
  17. If I were to change out the loclines I would make them as near the same length that the factory supplied. The loclines work great and they are easy to take off and put back on. As far as I know ULCS does not offer a similar product. Good Luck
  18. Sharon, I purchased this rig from Ed back in May. Hopefully Ed will list it as sold so that there is no further confusion.
  19. Hello Michael, I just purchased the new high def monitor back and the 110 degree Fathom lens from Light and Motion and was told both will work with my Blue Fin housing for the Sony HC-7. If you have technical questions you should e-mail L&M. They have always been very prompt with me on replys. Good Luck,
  20. I am interested in your system if it is still for sale. I sent you a pm. Thanks,Michael
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