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  1. Thanks, Luiz. Yes, all the shots have been from shore dives. We are spoiled here where the reef is but several meters off the shore in many areas. No need for a boat!
  2. Will, I really like the way the pattern on the trunkfish came out. Cool! I hope you all gave the guy who puffed the puffer a hard time. I have read that puffing up is a very stressful event.
  3. Thanks, Arnon. More phots coming right up. Look us up when you are in town.
  4. THanks, Luiz. That's the Oly C-8080 fixed lens in supermacro mode.
  5. Thanks Mike! We are waiting to give you a tour of our island paradise too. Come on down. Nick
  6. During our night dive, Zippy here decided my dive light was very interesting and wanted a close-up look. It must have been comical watching me try to take a picture of Zippy while at the same time coaxing him away from the hot bulb in my HID light with my elbows. Once Zippy realized that he was not going to be left to approach the new light in his life, he took off towards the surface.
  7. Luiz, I can assure you that you would love it here but since you seem like the type that is hard to convince , I posted some pics: Timor Taster
  8. Good point, Frogfish. You also need to stay a night in Denpasar before coming to Timor because there are no connecting flights that get you to Denpasar early enough to catch the one time daily 9am flight. But, then again, the diving here is worth it!!
  9. Luiz, I have been here for just over 4 years and would say that there are less security risks than in most other places that I have lived and visited including San Francisco, L.A., Miami and New York. Many have a preconceived notion that it is still like the days when the independence movement was being repressed by the occupiers army elements. Timor-Leste gained its independence over four years ago and has been peaceful since then. Come visit, we'll show you around. The diving is great. Nick
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