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  1. Panasonic GS-400 Camcorder with Ocean Images Housing This is a great underwater video set up in excellent condition. Used on 2 short trips. Kept in obsessively immaculate condition. I’m having some bariatric problems with my ears, so it looks like I may need a new hobby! The camera: The Panasonic GS400 performs beautifully. This late model prosumer camcorder combines manual controls (WB, Focus, Iris) with 3CCD image capture. But don’t take my word for it. Read the official review here http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Panas...rder-Review.htm And check out some early footage from my first trip out (not the above water stuff) Camera includes all original packaging and accessories, plus 4 additional extended life battery packs. The Housing: http://www.oceanimagesinc.com/products/hou...anasonic-gs.htm The GS400 housing from Ocean Images possesses an intuitive design, allowing you to view the giant LCD Screen of the camera, even in bright sunlight. This housing includes push button Electronic controls, two mechanical controls, internal flip color correction filter, room for the extra capacity camera battery. This underwater housing also includes a great wide angle lens in a machined aluminum port with absolutely no vignetting, The housing also has the optional professional mechanical control systems. These operate: Auto/Manual/AE selector, Focus/Zoom, Shutter/Iris, and white balance. The Housing Retails for $1795 The Camera was $1300 The extra batteries were about $100 I think $2000 is a fair asking price for the whole package. What do you think? Let's talk Tim tim.hawkey@draftfcb.com
  2. I'm looking at Inon WA lenses for my WP-DC50 (canon A95) housing, but it looks like the lens adapter mount would occupy the same space as the mounting tray for the strobe package I'm looking at (Single YS-15 package). Can these 2 items be used together, or do I have to make a choice between them? Please help!
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