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  1. I have been using the new 18-50 macro version quite a bit this year. I use it in a Sea & Sea housing with compact dome port and 40mm ring. It appears to work well. I chose it over the 17-70 sigma, as it is a bit easier to house as the lens extention is not quite so large. I also thought it might work better optically. It is almost unusable behingd a flat port because of vignetting at wide angle settings. I rate this lens highly for a mid range zoom and have been pleased with image quality. I can focus to within 1 cm of the front of the port. I can think of no other mid range zoom lens that can do this. This is really a lens for those that like the idea of a mid range zoom but are frustrated with poor close focus ability of Nikon and Canon alternatives. I bought it after a true macro lens and fisheye lens so I do not view it as a 'one lens fits all' bit of kit. I came up with my own zoom gear built out of bits of plastic and rubber -i deas taken from the 'build your own focus gear' in the DIY forum. The zoom lock switch needs to be taken in to account. Hope that helps
  2. I have the Sea & Sea compact dome and the larger fisheye dome. I have no experience of the glass dome but from other posts I gather this fits in the middle of these two size wise. There are quite a lot of previous posts indicating the best image quality, especially corner sharpness, comes from the larger dome. At the moment I really can't see any difference when using the 10.5mm in either of these ports. I'll keep looking though, to see if I can see any benefits in using the larger dome. I have to presume that the experience of others on this forum must count for something.
  3. Sea & Sea do not appear to make a particularly small extention ring. The smallest is the SX ring which I believe is about 20mm. If you have the compact dome I wonder if this would just be too big?
  4. I quite like my Sea & Sea 110's. They are small and compact and I prefer the shape over the Inons. They put out a smooth even light. They do seem rather slow to recycle on full power though.
  5. Diffusers - a bit of a waste of time in my opinion. No good for macro as all they do is loose you power. They do increase coverage in wide angle that's true, but most modern stobes now give around 100 degrees output. They may may also give more backscatter if strobes are not positioned properly. I used to use a difuser but do not bother any longer.
  6. There must be a lot of knowledge on this question from wet pixel members but it's a little difficult to find a summary by searching. If I get a Nikkor 105 VR with its 62mm filter thread what make and strength diopters are people using? The aim is to get more magnification than 1:1 I'm interested in something that you can actually go and buy rather than something that is no longer sold. Thanks
  7. I do not have a 105 lens but do have a standard NX port. This has that same ridge piece mentioned above near the inside front of the port. I used a sharp knife and just sliced away a little material so that I could fit a Sigma mid range zoom inside. It is a very easy modification to do and is not as drastic as it sounds. If I get a 105 VR I will use the this port with an extention ring as pictured above. I've wondered about the other Sea & Sea port options but actually really like the standard NX port. It is the same as the custom one without the knobs and I actually quite like the rubber clad bumber design it has. If you ever want the manual focus option I think the custom NX port is the only option. A possible benefit of the new dedicated port option for the 105VR is that it may be a little slimmer and maginally less bulky.
  8. Can anyone tell me how long the Sea & Sea SX extention ring is? Sea & Sea have a 40 mm and a 22 mm but I wonder why this one is not listed in mm? Thanks
  9. A seperate question , but are you shooting with a filter attatched and if so is it straightforward to attatch one?
  10. I got the D80 as I prefer the smaller lighter body for top side. It's always nice to pay a bit less for essentially the same quality images. The battery may last better on the D80 as its processing speed is slower but then someone else might know for sure - it has not been a problem at all so far. However a few things did catch me out on the D80 in a Sea & Sea housing that were not at all apparent initially. The following cannot be altered underwater whereas on a D200 I expect they can. 1. Switching between AF-C and AF-S. For some reason you have to do this through a dedicated button on the camera top plate as there is no housing button. This feature is removed as a choice from the menu. 2. The same applies to Single and Continuous shooting. 3. The same applies to metering pattern - matrix, spot, center weighted 4. The same applies to front and rear curtain sync (may be the same as D200) None of these are a headache for me but may be to others. It does mean I have to put the camera together very carefully with these settings pre chosen. a different make housing may have more buttons to get to these features. After a D50 the image review features are superb on the D80 and I'm not sure if the D200 is as good. ISO setting and white balance is also very easy. I would probably get the same again and like SD cards. It really pays to look in very close detail the finer aspects of contol.
  11. Usefull replies, thanks. I had not considered that strange bump on the inside front of the port fouling the lens. I thought there might be a problem with the zoom spocket on the housing getting too close to a particularly fat lens. Presumably this is not an issue. Interesting that a 4T (52mm) dioptre fits on the VR lens 62mm thread via a step down ring - presunmably with no vignetting.
  12. Thanks for the information. I wonder how many people are using dioptres and cut in half ND filters though, especially as the 10.5 lens is a popular choice I had not appreciated that it is easier to focus both in air and water together with a larger dome because the virtual image might be further away.
  13. Can anyone tell me if the Nikkor 105 VR micro lens will fit in to a Sea&Sea housing using the standard NX flat port (the rubber bumpered version). Previous posts mention how fat this lens, sometimes too fat to fit. If it does fit, what extention ring is needed. The old 105 lens needed a 40mm ring. Thanks
  14. Wow, that was a quick upgrade - so the 10Mp sensor has now migrated down from the D200 to all models.
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