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  1. Hi, Just join the forum, and try to give my experience. I have experience using Canon S110 also Canon G12 with sea and sea YS-03. The package is very good for newbie like me, because i just set the camera preset, than the flash light follow the setting. It always bright. But, sometime not meet the expectation if you want to get dramatic picture, because YS-03 is full TTL and people use manual setting at the flash light to get the dramatic picture. Cheers. Chris.
  2. Hi, Just join the forum. Hope I can help. Pianemo area is one of the best area to dive at Raja Ampat. If you stay at waisai island it takes 2 hour to go there by fast boat. So if your home stay don't have boat trip to the area on sunday, i think you better stay around the island. You can snorkeling also in the waisai island. If you go to pianemo area, you can dive and also hiking to the top of pianemo hill. There 3 hill around pianemo, the Pianemo Hill, Star Hill, Manta Hill. Usually people go to Pianemo Hill and Star Hill. The recommended dive site : Blue Magic, Melissa Garden, Manta Point, Cape Kri, Mioskon, and Sardine Reef. Also you have to try dive at the arborek jetty. There thousand schooling fish who can make you feel amazing. cheers, chis.
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