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  1. Hi all, is this combination possible: Nauticam 67 mm Flip Adapter with CMC 1 on Isotta Port 67 mm? Or Saga Flip adapter with CMC-1? Or is it possible to use a Nauticam Makro Port on Isotta for Plympus omd1 mII housing with 60 mm Macro or 12-50 mm (would be my favourite) ??? Which combination would you use? At the end minimum I would like to use CMC-1 for my 60 mm Macro with flip adapter. Closest to Port as possible ... Thanks! regards Susanne
  2. cool, thanks that helps. I look a lot to shots in facebook and the aperture which was used, but that is often not comparable ....
  3. Hi all, I started last summer with new named above Olympus and 60 Macro objective. I got some good results with sharpness up to aperture 14. With 16 and more I have the problem that the pictures were not really sharp. Do you have some hints for me? I work with one focus point, and would need some advices here (for macro). Additional I use a macro lence with 10 diopters. Many thanks! Susanne
  4. Hi, I have an Isotta Housing OMD 1 Mark II, Port for Macro 60 mm and 12-50 mm (ISOTTA Macro Port M67 H72 B102) from Olympus and I'm interested in a Nauticam CMC 1 and CMC 2. Does that work without an adapter, or for example with a SAGA Flip adapter (which works together with Isotta). Or Nauticam flip adapter? Or any other lens recommendation with same quality? Thanks in advance ... Susanne
  5. I'm interested, can you send me PN (living in austria)
  6. yes sorry, means battery. Many thanks for your answer which helps ... Is gx8 better with battery? Or g81?
  7. my reason for an upgrade would be the possibility of a good viewfinder (for example from Nauticam or Ikelite). I'm presbyopic and even with an optical mask I can not really see if focus is good on the camera monitor of my rx100 iii (which is in Acquapazza housing). this limits me more than the other camera features and the quality of the camera. So I would like to go for a Panasonic Lumix g81 or gx80 or gx8. I'm used to panasonic overwater but budget for an GH5 is unfortunately not an option. LG Susanne
  8. Hi all GX80 underwater shooter, how often do you have to change akku? After one dive? Is it good enough for one dive (Macro pictures with flash)? I'm looking for a camera after my RX100 III (Accu was fine for two dives almost without video), and I'm interessted in GX8 or GX85 or G81 (with new Ikelite housing) thanks! LG Susanne
  9. Thanks to all! Will try manually.
  10. Hi Wolfgang, many thanks! .... Do you know if my RS100 III has a pre flash, or were I can find this information?? LG Susanne
  11. Hi all, I read the f.. manual but don't understand the difference between DS-TTL and DS-TTL 2. In the german manual they talk also about a TTL and a SLAVE TTL as a different modus to DS-TTL and DS-TTL 2. Also when I try it out underwater I get almost the same results for different modes. I'm not really happy with most results after it seems for me like it is every time different even when the conditions are the same. My camera is a Sony rx100 III with Aqcuapazza house. Using a fiber optic cable. How do i now if my Sony has a pre-flash (Vorblitz?) It is not written in my manual... What would be the optimized solution for me? Could it be with to by some further equipment? Sorry for my english and many thanks to all who can support ... LG Susanne
  12. Hi to all! I'm newbie with underwater photography and now, after some tries I need to take a close look to the technic, which is not easy for me, after my experience with camera was only automatic in the past. So I saw this forum is very competent and interesting. Will do my best to saddle up! :-) LG Susanne
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