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  1. Olympus omd1 MII in Isotta housing, with Inon Z330 strobes, Focus light, clams and arms, 60 mm Makro and port included. Everything in a good condition, housing is fresh serviced. All together 2500 Euro. Excluded shipping, transport costs. I'm located in Austria. Pictures on request. Contact can be done over my dealer if wished.
  2. Thanks for all thoughts, at the moment I will stay with my Oly and try to improve with another wetlens in Anilao :-) and wait for more ....
  3. Hi, many thanks for your thoughts! This is first time someone brings Z7 in here which is not so heavy as the D500 (beside money questions). But I talk to another underwater photographer about z7(II) and he said autofocus for Macro is too slow with the new Nikon macro for Zmount. And also depth of field is not enough for macro with this camera. What do you think about Z7(II) here? And yes for "super Macro" most I focus manually, sometimes more or less trying to move the camera for and back :-) ..., but I use the autofocus very often for example Isopods which are moving very fast (or also a combination of auto and manual which is possible with Oly system. Thanks to all for every comment!
  4. ok, thanks, I think now I have it. Yes I achieve this 2.0, but only when the object is completely not moving and I 'm not moving with the camera and have enough space to make me stable without touching the nature. So D500 would give a little benefit, but otherwise its much bigger and more difficult to handle. Another idea will be the new OMD 1. But here I will wait for the results of tests. But it will sure have better autofocus ...
  5. What do you all think about the Canon R5 with the Canon 100 mm RF Macro? Its something over my budget, but sooner or later it will be also used on the market...
  6. Thanks for your thoughts, I have started to work with a Weefine snoot :-). And yes, I'm also thinking about the light, right now two Inon z330, focus light and experimenting with the Weefine snoot. I will be in Anilao begin of April with this equipment. But after this, I would like to get something new with faster autofocus and hopefully more pixel. Hmmm....
  7. I already use the 45 Inon viewfinder with my Isotta housing, thank you for your thoughts! right now I'm using up to Saga +15 achromatic lense, but there is no really chance with it, when the object is moving. what do you think about the quality difference to CMC-1?
  8. thanks! That advice is exactly what I'm looking for. I was also thinking in direction of D500, but what do you think about the age of the D500 and it is also running out from Nikon?
  9. All three I would say. I would like to get subjects also under 1 cm. Like small Isopods for example, I can get them with my Olympus too, but not the details.
  10. it would be only the camera. I would like to get smaller things with better details in mm size, most of the (super)macro pictures I see on FB which are in this region are taken with a Nikon D500 or another DSLR system.
  11. Hi, since around 5 years I'm using Olympus omd 1 mii with the 60 mm macro in an Isotta housing, with several diopters, flash trigger (I have about 500 dives with this camera) .... Now I'm ready for the next step. My focus is almost exclusively macro, really small stuff. I am undecided about the system. Which sensor and with which lens, which diopter ...? The budget for the camera I would limit to about 3000 Euros. What do you think? (please excuse my English, I'm no native speaker)
  12. Hi all, is this combination possible: Nauticam 67 mm Flip Adapter with CMC 1 on Isotta Port 67 mm? Or Saga Flip adapter with CMC-1? Or is it possible to use a Nauticam Makro Port on Isotta for Plympus omd1 mII housing with 60 mm Macro or 12-50 mm (would be my favourite) ??? Which combination would you use? At the end minimum I would like to use CMC-1 for my 60 mm Macro with flip adapter. Closest to Port as possible ... Thanks! regards Susanne
  13. cool, thanks that helps. I look a lot to shots in facebook and the aperture which was used, but that is often not comparable ....
  14. Hi all, I started last summer with new named above Olympus and 60 Macro objective. I got some good results with sharpness up to aperture 14. With 16 and more I have the problem that the pictures were not really sharp. Do you have some hints for me? I work with one focus point, and would need some advices here (for macro). Additional I use a macro lence with 10 diopters. Many thanks! Susanne
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