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  1. Vacuum systems are nice, they don't replace maintenance. If you really want it on the Olympus housing the way to do it is make a hole on the housing and use some third party valve (Nautical, Backscatter, Ikelite, Aquatica) and this obviously is not covered by any kind of guarantee. Let me make this crystal clear, I would not do it, making holes on underwater housing is not recommended. Pedro
  2. I have the WA100 dome, with the E-PL3 and E-PL5, it's definitely an improvement. With the Oly 14-42mm, specialy on the wider side (14mm) you get much better field of view. As stated by Vimal you can get also the 9-18mm and the 60mm working with this dome. I love working the 60mm macro with this dome. Plus it's investment that you can continue to use even after you upgrade to newer camera/housing from Olympus. Pedro
  3. I'm looking for the best dome for the Olympus 7-14mm on the Olympus housing (PT-EP14). From the reports on several posts, the Olympus dome PPO-EP04(+adapter+extension) is not good option (optically). As alternative there is recent AOI DLP-07, the older Athena OPD-F170V II (+adapter+extension) or the newer Athena OPD-WZ7-14II. In common, no detail reviews or comparisons with this lens. Curiously both manufacturers are rumoured to have produce domes (OEM) for Olympus, . In Europe all there domes are priced very close. Any suggestions ? I would prefer an Olympus product, support is excellent, however it's clear the PPO-EP04 is old design adaptation. Thanks
  4. Where is an option: https://www.uwcamerastore.com/lcd-viewfinder-for-olympus-pt-ep01-ep08-and-fantasea-f-serie-unz-2603 They have different models, search around.
  5. Hi, I'm Pedro diver and underwater photographer from Portugal.
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