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  1. Phil I am really curious about the comparison WWL and WACP with the 28-60 on the A7RIV. I have just tried the WWL and I am very happy with the results... Have you manage to test both ?
  2. yes it can focus right to the dome, no worries there !
  3. Two Inon Z240 type 4. Both in very good conditions, with all the original accessories, ball mounts, extra large buttons (great for cold water) and dome diffusers 400 euro each set. Located in Norway/Netherlands
  4. I got great results from whitewall. Print directly on dibond (not the brushed alu) with size up to 1,80m wide. No problem with files from either my D7000 or my Em5. Prints as easy to hang, you dont have to worry about the light. I use them regularly for exhibition.
  5. Hi Mike I have dived 4 times in Fakarava, definetely one of the best dive spot in Polynesia. I would recommend TopDive, they have a nice boat and usually good divemasters There are basically two dive spot, the North and the South chanel, with different variation depending on the tides. Make sure you get at least one day at the South chanel... Lots of sharks (got >70 reef sharks on one shot). The south trip are on request so make sure you ask in advance... the trip is long, it cost more but it really worth it!!! Disscuss you need for photos with the divemaster they are usually helpfull, make sure you are in front and just wait for the sharks to come, lots of grey reef sharks, whitetips in both channels, blackfin (C. limbatus) the south, silvertips (C albimarginatus) in the north, eagle ray in the south, manta in the north... Last time we had also dolphins checking us and couple of sailfish! Have you book an hotel? I would recomend Relais Marmara, simple and basic but clean and very nice location... the owner is very friendly Enjoy your trip! Galice
  6. Hi I had the same problem, couple of drops... After tightening the screw form the port lock it got a bit better for a few dives then more drops... after changing the o ring (which was new) the problem diseapeared, I have now >100 dives without a drop
  7. For me the tokina 10-17 is the best lenses for French Polynesia. All the pictures below were taken with this lens The 1.4 converter could be useful for some of the more skittish sharks So nice macro opportunities especially in Fakarava but given the big game action my macro lenses staid dry all the time Make sure you spend at least 2 days diving the southern channel in Fakarava!
  8. Thanks Any suggestion on which ikelite port for the combo with the 1.4 converter ?? Galice www.galice.nl
  9. Hi Everybody I have been using both the tokina 10-17 (6" and 8" dome) and the 12-24 (8" dome +2diopter) for sharks in polynesia. I am really happy with the results of the 10-17 except that most of the sharks are a bit too shy and the lens is too wide. I havent been so happy with teh sharpness of the 12-24 and I was thinking to use the Kenko 1.4 converter with the 10-17 for my next trip. Is that a good idea? Any experience with the combo for sharks amd other large fish? I am using a D200 in a ikelite housing, what port is suitable for this combo? Thanks for your help Galice www.galice.nl
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