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  1. Here are a couple of minutes of shark action taken on Queensland's 'Wolf Rock' which is only two hours drive north of where I live on the Sunshine Coast. It's not quite Tiger Beach, but it's great to have as a local option Progressive HD video taken with my tiny and trusty RX100, I can't believe what I used to lug around! Enjoy http://vimeo.com/116288732
  2. Wow - I have always wanted to dive with these beauties, the octopuses in the Med and Asia are such - well.... pussies. Great shots and experience. Definitely on my list ....
  3. Actually as you may know the RX100 has a WB function that is a bit clunky, but it seems to work OK now I understand it better. So the answer is that as I didn't have a white slate on me for this casual dive I used a saved 'custom' WB setting that was taken some time ago on a white slate in a completely different environment (clear blue water in Indonesia - lol). The custom WB screen tells me it is 9900K but actually it looks a lot hotter than that as the C.Temp./Filter option on the RX100 when set to 9900k looks less red. It may be that 9900K is the max reading the RX100 registers. What took me a while to find is that there is a little square color chart that you can open up by pressing 'down' on the option ring in any of the WB choices, and then one can tweak RGBM etc. If you don't have an RX100 then all the above will make no sense at all! So basically I used an old slate setting as really I didn't have anything else. I'm sure it didn't make much difference anyhow as there are not a lot of rich colours in any of the shots. Haha - sorry for the long winded answer
  4. Ya it's always worth a dive, like so many wrecks you never know quite what you'll get. The Brisbane is not quite like diving Truk Lagoon but it's wonderfully preserved with plenty of swimthroughs and fish/macro life - also it's only 5 minutes off the coast where I live!
  5. Nice morning dive on our local wreck last Friday, noteworthy for the unusual (on this site) school of 20+ eagle rays that hung around for most the dive, rather than the video quality - though I must say I'm v happy with the RX100
  6. Frankly I'm blown away by the video quality that this matchbox sized (well cigarette pack sized) camera produces. At full 1920x1080p on a big LCD screen these images are stunning. I'm doing a little more editing right now and will post in due course. I'm new to Vimeo, but glad to see that they have an HD option for viewing.
  7. I was using max resolution, max frames, progressive AVCHD (1920x1080p 50fps), aperture priority, (sometimes shutter), tracking focus and a white balance based off a white card. I agree with earlier postings about this great camera that white balance under water is not trivial. I was convinced (before I used the camera on dives) that manually setting the desired colour temperature would be the way to go, but this did not give very good results in the field. I used a white card and then further adjusted towards red or blue etc with the little square colour chart you can open up. Thankfully you can see the results visually as you adjust. I did get an 'error' message on some white card readings, but kept the resulting WB which seemed to be fine.
  8. Returned several weeks ago from an amazing trip to Misool Eco Resort armed with my tiny Sony RX100 and Nauticam housing. I love this combination and my only regret was spending money on a macro dioper and strobe and not a wide angle diopter and the latest Light and Motion video lamps. That not withstanding I captured some pretty reasonable footage (IMHO) Take a look at this sample of mantas captured on Misool's famous 'Magic Mountain' Original format AVCHD 1920x1080p 50fps, subsequently converted to Apple ProRes and edited in FCP. No post production colour editing. https://vimeo.com/66623968
  9. Heya Alastair /Andy (?) sorry for lateness of response, but I have literally just arrived home after nearly a month away - three weeks diving at Misool Eco Resort + travel - and not really had the opportunity to log on. In any event I'd not be much use for babysitters, although I'd try the hotels in the area first (like the Novotel Twin Waters etc) More on my (amazing) trip later in separate posts once I've had time to sort the video out a bit ...
  10. Hey Andy, I guess the Sunshine Coast diving didn't really come off with all the muddy pouroff into the sea after a really wet February. Did you manage to get into the water at all?
  11. That's good input Interceptor, I'll start trawling eBay!
  12. Well that's a good question. At the moment I only have an Aquatica +5 Wet Close up lens. I was going to rely on the RX100’s inherent wide angle for video work, however I know a wide angle wet lens is highly recommended. Thing is I can’t really justify the $500 that a really good lens would cost at the moment. I’m in the market for budget recommendations or a second hand lens that would do the job.
  13. Will do Wagsy - leaving for www.misoolecoresort.com Raja Ampat mid March, back mid April, I'll have plenty of time to get used to the new toy
  14. Sounds like a good solution for when I upgrade my MacOS. With my older system I'm getting excellent AVCHD to1080p50 results with the ClipWrap ProRes workaround. More time consuming I admit, but a good use of my still worthy Quad system.
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