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  1. I tested the the defishing mode of my Em1II right after upgrading the software and video is disabled while in the defishing mode. I also want to be able to use this feature for video. You can set the defishing mode on/off to a button, so you can select/deselect it quickly. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Since there does not seem to be much interest in the AD7000 housing, I have decided to hold off on selling the 4 inch mini dome (18410) and the 18456 extension ring until the housing sells. Sorry for any problems this may cause. Ray J
  3. Hi All; I have decided to go all mirrorless and as such have a lot of gear to sale: 1) Aquatica AD7000 housing with 2 fiber optic ports, moisture sensor and hydrophone. Housing has only been used a few time and performs like new. Includes body cap. US $1850. 2) Aquatica 18410 4 inch mini dome. Used but works great. US $425. 3) Aquatica 18409 6 inch dome with 6 inch dome shade (18484). Dome has a small scratch but it does not hinder its use. Both for US $275. 4) Aquatica extension rings: 18462, 18456, 18453. For sale individually at US $135, each. 5) Aquatica Gears: 48717, 48696, and 48731. For sale individually at US $75. The housing will go on ebay soon so if you want it please let me know soon. I require payment by paypal and will only ship to a US address. Thanks, Ray J
  4. @ coriander: Is an extension ring needed to use the 8mm Panasonic with the Nauticam 3.5" dome? The Nauticam charts does not suggest doing so.
  5. Hi Jean: Does that mean that the mini dome is out and will not work with the 8-15 on a crop camera? Thanks, Ray J
  6. Hi Ehanauer: I have two D7000 bodies and I have that trouble with both of them from the beginning, which is very strange as I have never had that trouble with any of my other digital cameras. It seemed after 100 or so shots, I had lots of stubborn dust bunnies. At first, I sent them back for cleaning as described in the manual, however now, I use the "wet" method to clean them up, since I would be sending them back every other week for cleaning. It must have something to do with the sensor heat as you mentioned or something is being leached out of the black material aroung the mirror assembly. At this point, I think my D7000s are getting much better as they need fewer cleanings. Thanks, Ray J
  7. No, I have not used the camera in the housing yet, and you can see the spot on the sensor surface. Cleaning the sensor is the only way to restore the image quality! Thanks, Ray J
  8. Hi all you fellow D7000 users: I received my first D7000 when they came out in late October and a new AD7000 housing when they were released recently. I liked the camera/ housing so much, I sold my Canon 7D (big mistake) and bought a second D7000 body recently. A few weeks ago, I was using my first D7000 and noticed terrible spots on the lower right hand corner of the images. I inspected the sensor and saw quite a bit of contamination on it. I went back through my pictures and could see the spot developing right after I began using this body reaching the unusable state that it was in at that point. I really was confused as I have never had that problem before over many years of using my D70, D300, 7D and D300s, and this was just over a few months of use. I sent the camera in for cleaning, and started using my second D7000 body. Since I was of the opinion that I must have contaminated the sensor while changing lenses, I used only my 28-300. Well, after only using it for a week or two, I am seeing the same spots return on this second body and I have not even changed the lens. I noticed the spots because while I was shooting, a small image (like a tiny gnat) appeared in my viewfinder. I did take the lens off at that point and was able to blow the "gnat' off the mirror/ground glass, and while I was at it I checked the sensor and there they were. The spot were quite viewable in the images but seem to go away later in the day, leaving only a small artifact when views under magnification. I reviewed the sensor and I could no longer see the spots. At this point, I think the problem is condensation on the sensor (probably while in live view/video mode) with the condensation drying later on leaving spots. As this cycle continues, the spots get worse and worse until the sensor is covered. At first, I thought this may be due to my 28-300 lens, however the "spots" appear to predate the lens. Since the same thing is happening to both D7000 bodies and not my D300s, I firmly belive he design of the D7000 sensor (Sony) may have a problem! Nikon technical services was no help at all, rather insulting! Also, do Y'all clean your own sensors or send time off. I have seen the post on cleaning them, just wondering how many of you do clean your own? Anyone had problem cleaning their own sensor? Thanks for your help, Ray J
  9. Hi Paul: What I mean by "contamination" are visible spot on the sensor, that cannot be removed with in internal sensor cleaner. They appear like they could be the remains of some condensation and, after looking at the progession of "spots on the images", seem to get worse as I used the camera until the images were unusable. I think this problem may be due to the large internal volume of the 28-300, combined with zooming while in live view mode, causing condensation on sensor, resulting in these spots. Last weekend, I was shooting some waterfalls in the Smokies, and I noticed some spot appearing, and actually saw something on the sensor. Later in the day, I could no longer see anything on the sensor, however there are a few very faint artifacts visible if you examine an image of a bright sky under magnification (of the image). This lens seems to be causing the problems, however it is a great lens, I would just like to figure this out. Nikon technical service was no help at all. Thanks, Ray J
  10. Hi all you D7000 users: Has anyone heard of any problems with the sensors on the D7000 being more easily contaminated. I have 2 D7000 bodies and both have suffered the same sort of contamination in the last 2 months. I think it may be related to my new 28-300 nikkor, but I want to know what you think. I have never had this problem with my D70, D300, D00s or 7D, it just makes me wonder what's going on. Thanks, Ray J
  11. I don't understand the inclusion of just the up arrow on the multi selector, can anyone explain that? I worked with my D7000 last night and really can't see much use. When you up call up the info and press again, you can enter the control mode of many features (not ISO) but, without the other direction of the cursor, can't do much. I just don't understand it. Also, can you start the video with housing? Ray J
  12. Hi Mark: Great shots! My AD7000 should be in soon, and I was wondering what extension ring and port are you using with your 10-17. Also, how do you like the newly redesigned zoom gear? Thanks, Ray J
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