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    Belfast - N.Ireland
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    Trimix diving at Malin head , Co.Donegal<br />U/Water photography.<br /><br />I have been diving and teaching for 15 years.

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    Olympus C - 7070wz
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    Olympus PT- 27
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    UK 400r torch
  1. Hi, I normally dive in 1m - 3m viz and wondered does anyone have any settings for the olympus 7070. I use a uk400r light instead of a strobe. I also use maual super macro any settings also helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Does anybody know is it possible to buy or make a lighting arm suitable for mounting a UK400R torch ? Any help would be great.
  3. Hi, I use an olympus 7070 and oly housing. Great camera and can be bought quite cheaply on ebay. Check out www.digigreen.net - I think someone is selling one. OR try www.lutcamre.demon.co.uk for reconditioned cameras, some great deals. My partner uses a 5050 and she takes some amazing photos.
  4. This is my best shot of 2005, Taken in MALINBEG harbour Co.Donegal - Southern Ireland. I had only been taking u/water photos for approx 2 months. Title of photo : LIFE IS A BITCH..
  5. A few photos showing our less than ideal viz ( less than 1m ). These were taken when I first started u/w photography 6 months ago. Any advice welcome. Cheers, Dave. wreckferretuk www.digigreen.net
  6. Hi, My name is Dave and I am based in Belfast - Northern Ireland. I have been taking u/water photos for the last 6months and I use an Olympus 7070 with an Oly housing. I use a UK400R torch to light my photos. The viz in Northern Ireland is LESS than 1m !!!!!!! I will post a few photos next week. Cheers, Dave wreckferretuk. www.digigreen.net
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