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  1. HSS function is a feature of the camera which needs to be firstly supported by the external trigger. If the external trigger, an onboard flash or third-party LED trigger used in most UW housings, is able to work together with the camera to emit light in HSS mode, then the condition exists for the external strobe to detect this light and synchronise correctly.
  2. If the built-in flash emits a HSS signal which is transmitted to the new Retra Flash via optical fibre, it will work.
  3. Hi The HSS function is dependent on the camera and housing electronics. If those two can sync correctly to produce a trigger in HSS then the new Retra Flash will work in HSS mode - it is HSS ready. Please check a few posts (or maybe pages) back to see what is expected in the firmware upgrade and when. Thank you
  4. The pilot light and flash tube on the Retra Flash are centrally positioned.
  5. We have experimented with markers and focus sticks but found it's faster and less cumbersome to make use of the technique described here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62595&hl= You can always mount a stick with a rubber band to your snoot and mark the focus point. Maybe it can work for you. The YS-D1 has a relatively weak pilot light, not only for snooting, which is why they powered it up with the YS-D2.
  6. Once the firmware update for the current Retra Flash is available (expected at the end of the year) TTL converters will likely work with existing settings for currently supported strobes. Until then we do not recommend making any changes.
  7. Hi, thank you for your suggestions. We do offer compatibility with the Z-330, here is the news: http://wetpixel.com/articles/retra-announces-support-for-lsd-with-inon-z330-strobe Thanks
  8. Hi Some of you were asking about the progress on the new strobe and we have some news: https://www.retra-uwt.com/blogs/news
  9. Hi Please check out the news here: https://www.retra-uwt.com/blogs/news
  10. At the focus distance of 175mm (in water) the LSD Ultimate combined with the Z-240 (type4) will achieve a correct exposure with setting 11 on the strobe and approx. f22-f30@iso100 on the camera. If you are generally getting darker images it may be due to the age of the strobe. Flash lamps and capacitors can loose their power potential over time. If you are getting darker images only in some situations it may be due to: - the light spot getting out of frame - the mask is not locked into position and is covering the light path - the LSD is positioned too far or too close from it's focus distance
  11. Having good clamps and arms is helpful when using the LSD alone. In splash-in competition where time is limited we usually had an assistant to point the LSD. But if you had enough training before it was easier to mount the LSD in the way you are used from training and have the assistant search for different subjects instead. We made the oval shaped masks so that when you are pointing the LSD at an angle it still projects a circular pattern onto the subject. This means you can have the LSD laying on your housing/port which makes it easier to manoeuvre.
  12. Hi Guy and Tim, thank you for starting this thread. The basic principle for using the LSD is about locking the focus point and positioning the light spot inside the frame. When shooting a static subject like a christmas tree or a blenny inside a hole you will easily find your focus point. Take a few pictures without the LSD to confirm the focus and the framing and then move away to position the LSD without scaring the subject. If the sunlight is strong, find a natural shadow behind a rock or use your hand if the focus point is not to far away or position your dive buddy to make a shadow with his body. Now you can position the light spot into your frame. The square mask can be useful to identify the focus point of the LSD as the corners of the light spot will appear sharp once it is in focus. These two steps will ensure you already have a light spot very near to the desired position and you only need to make small adjustments when shooting the subject. For moving subjects like nudibranch or shrimp the process is similar. Because the subject will be moving and the terrain will change you may find yourself wanting to move the focus of the camera and the light spot more. Starting with a static subject is easier and allows you to play with different mask shapes and focus point of the LSD. With repetition the subject/focus area/light position will be easier to arrange and you will find a starting position more quickly before making smaller adjustments. Thank you
  13. Hi Guy We are working mainly on improving the TTL program and we are testing some smaller changes which will hopefully make using the strobe even more easy. They will be described in detail once the update is available which we are aiming to produce at the end of the year. Regarding the ABC's we are now sending out emails with instructions so you should get the information soon. Thank you for your question regarding the LSD, I will answer it in the separate thread. Thanks
  14. Hi newboy A firmware update for the Retra Flash is in the making and we expect it to be ready at the end of the year. Once we have it available we will notify everyone about the possibility of upgrading the firmware. Because the update requires sending the strobe to us we want to make sure it will work as expected and that's why it will take more time to confirm. Thank you
  15. Hi newboy Please send us an email to info(at)retra-uwt.com and we will send you a .pdf file. Every strobe is included with this sheet so we are happy to send you new ones. They are waterproof so you can take them with you into the dive box. A few posts ago we were talking about TTL compatibility and I want to add that we are still working on a new firmware. We decided to make some changes which could help us be compatible with existing converters. The results are yet to be confirmed but once we have an update available we will notify everyone about the possibility of upgrading the firmware. Thank you very much!
  16. Hi! Fortunately the reasons "a" and "b" are not our reality. You can check out the thread where I answered to speculations: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61948 Regarding LED technology for flashgun (strobe) application I think Pavel answered why the technology is not there yet: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62030 I will only add that high quality flashtubes are more expensive than what he indicated but still less than the best LED which are not nearly as powerful. High quality flashtubes are in fact reliable and thus widely spread in land and underwater photography for good reason. Thanks
  17. Hi Clement, we will announce the timeline in July/August. Thanks
  18. Hi Bear35, thank you for your question! The reason we are stopping for the moment is because it was not possible to maintain the production process we envisioned with the demand we encountered. Since we had planned this for a long time it was not possible to quickly change all our production processes to fulfil the orders. Making a high performance, high quality product with a lot of manual labour can be great if the deadlines are mostly flexible. I hope this clears it up for you.
  19. Hi Walt, thank you for your question! We are continuing our service and warranty on all our products. We don't leave anyone behind. Meanwhile we have also published an update concerning this topic on our webpage: https://www.retra-uwt.com/blogs/news/retra-flash-update If any further clarification is needed I am happy to explain.
  20. Hi Gerard, thank you for your comment! Over the past 6 months we were trying to streamline our production process and shorten the delivery time. Unfortunately, this had not worked and until now our average delivery times for the Retra Flash were 10-12 weeks. This is not acceptable and ultimately is not fair to the photographers. Having gained this experience we decided to focus solely on improving the producibility and availability of the Retra Flash. Let me know if you need any further clarification, I am happy to explain.
  21. In the wake of false rumors spreading I want to further clarify our decision. First and foremost, our goal is and has always been to make the best possible product. And secondly, we want to make our products available. Over the past 6 months we were focusing our development to improve our production process and shorten the delivery time. Unfortunately, this was not possible and until now our average delivery times for the Retra Flash were 10-12 weeks. This is not acceptable and ultimately is not fair to the photographers. After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue the production and focus solely on development and improve the availability. Thank you very much for your support.
  22. Hi, Everyone! The positive response we received on the Retra Flash has empowered us to think bigger and better. We are very grateful because this would not be possible without extensive support and feedback from you - the community of underwater photographers. Although we are growing Retra is a small group and to achieve the best possible result we had to choose between production and sales or development. Our ideal is to make the best underwater strobe on the planet. This is why we want to take it a step further and decided to focus solely on development of a new Retra Flash. We will uncover the new product in July/August 2018. Our heartfelt thanks for your support.
  23. Hi Liz, thank you for posting your test! In our practical instructions we recommend taking out the batteries if the device will not be used for more than 1 week. We have noted this and will try to improve. Thank you
  24. Hi John, we haven't gotten our hands on a z330 to officially confirm but some have said that the z240 model fits the z330. Regarding the buoyancy: The LSD Ultimate is slightly negatively buoyant, around -30g underwater. Thanks
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