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  1. If there is something fast going on and you are unable to wait for the complete recycle time you usually want to get some light onto the scene instead of having a dark image, later possibly solving it in post production. The Retra Flash will fire before the ready light is on.
  2. Thank you very much Adam for making the review! I will try to answer some comments below. Thank you "tursiops" for noticing the mistake in the energy formula, it should of course be multiplied (*) and not divided (/). In the comparison we stated that the GN calculation was done at 1 meter. We've amended that as well so it is now clear directly in the specs. Thank you "Nicool" for sharing your experience! - In our case the battery indicator is based on voltage and is calibrated roughly for both types of eneloop batteries. If the batteries are older their voltage will drop more quickly under load and the indicator will show less lights after a few shots. With new batteries it should drop less and the indicator should provide a better insight where the batteries are on charge. - Our practical instructions state that our strobe will consume a little bit of energy in OFF position and we do not recommend leaving batteries inside for longer periods of time. There is an unofficial way to overcome this if you want to leave the batteries inside the compartment: Leave the strobe in ON mode and unscrew the battery compartment lid until the strobe shuts down, unscrew for another turn to make sure there will be no contact and put the strobe in OFF position. Thank you all very much and looking forward to keeping in touch.
  3. Yes, with lower power the shooting distance is usually shorter and a half stop difference would amount to a relatively small change in distance. In those situations it's also usually more effective to slightly change your setting on the camera rather than reaching out to the strobe and possibly mucking up the scene. This begs a question for the community: Have you found the lowest power setting (1%) on the Retra Flash to be too powerful and if yes in which situation?
  4. The EV stops are in brackets as is the STTL mode indicating that these two are linked. EV stops are +/- 2 stops and correspond to compensation in STTL mode. Power from 1-100 is in percentage and is used for manual modes (ON and SL). Big dots indicate a 1 F-stop increment whilst small dots indicate a 0.5 F-stop increment. Only between 25-100% do we have half stop increments. Did you get the practical instructions sheet with the borrowed strobes? It's one A5 piece of waterproof paper which you can take in your dive box and explains these basic features as well as different modes and maintenance.
  5. Hi Nicolas We suggest lubricating every 10 times the battery compartment is opened/closed. The o-rings don't need to be taken out if they are clean and without dirt or debris. We supply a silicone grease with the Retra Flash although any silicone grease is useful for lubrication.
  6. Hi Ian, thank you for the testing, we really appreciate everyone's feedback on this forum! I already have Pavel's address and we will get a strobe there as soon as possible. Thanks
  7. Hi Nicolas, the problem with overheating is usually at the lamp where the majority of heat is generated. For this reason we are using high quality quartz glass which has a much higher melting temperature compared to borosilicate glass used in most photo flash. Higher melting point means there is less chance for cracks to occur on the lamp at high temperature. Besides this we make our housing from a single piece of aluminium so the heat can spread away more easily. For one of our tests we triggered the lamp 1000x times at full power in 2s intervals using 8 batteries and it didn't go wrong. Thanks
  8. Oh, I thought the question was regarding optical TTL which Ian mentioned had not worked completely on the UW Technics converter set to the YS-D1 setting. Regarding electrical TTL it is true that we do not support this option. TTL is only available via optical fibre.
  9. Hi Barry, regarding the UW Technics TTL converter we are sure that in the future there will be better compatibility. At the moment no additional calibration was made on those converters to support the Retra Flash but I believe that this will change during next year. Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone! Thank you for posting your reports and sharing your thoughts. It's really helping us understand where we need to improve and your positive feedback is very supportive. This underwater strobe would not be possible without your input! We will continue working in this way and we look forward to keeping in touch. Our heartfelt thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!
  11. Hi Liz, thank you for posting your impressions! Regarding the diffusers: They have lock/unlock positions indicated on the dome which correspond to a black dot on the strobe. You should get a *click* when they are locked. All diffusers produce a slightly different sound and feeling as they have slightly different thickness on the edges but should be locked securely. If you aren't getting that please let us know. Regarding the recycle time: The heat protection circuit sounds an alarm and turns off the strobe to prevent further usage, it does not slow down the recycle time. If you experienced a slower recycle time this could be simply because the batteries could not provide the "juice" needed to power the strobe. This could be a combination of water temperature and battery age. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi Guy, you can subscribe on the bottom of our homepage: https://www.retra-uwt.com Thanks
  13. Hi Bogdan, thank you for your message. We are shipping now and the majority of pre-orders should be leaving in the next 3 weeks. An estimated delivery date if you ordered now would be 4-5 weeks. Thanks
  14. We actually fully refunded the payment and sent Allen additional €480 for the Rand vs. Euro depreciation during his original purchase and now.
  15. After everything youve done certainly not. Weve fully + extra refunded you and youve shown no respect for what we are working hard to achieve.
  16. Hi Allen, I guess it’s water under the bridge. We’ll keep up the hard work and get the photographers, who are patiently waiting and being supportive of our efforts, the product we’ve been perfecting all this time. Thank you all very much.
  17. Hi Allen, we have refunded and additionaly compansated your order after we’ve received several negative emails from your group. I understand the frustration of waiting and we wanted nothing else but send your order. Unfortunatelly you have bullied us into a corner and we replied. We are now achieving more and more shipments each day and photographers who were so kind to be patient and supportive are already getting their rewards. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who gave us the positive thoughts to move forward. Thank you
  18. Hi Everyone, we've been able to send about 20% of pre-orders in the last two weeks. Now that we've gained some experience we can pick up the pace and hopefully get all strobes sent in the next 3-4 weeks. Thank you for your patience and support!
  19. Hi Everyone, the first two boxes are going out today! We will gradually build up quantity for the first two weeks so I kindly ask for your patience. It will take 4-5 weeks before all pre-orders are sent and delivered. Once your order is ready for shipping you will get an email with tracking details. All orders are shipped with DHL Express so they will get to you as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and support!
  20. Hi Stefan, we start shipping in less than 10 days. Thank you for your patience and support.
  21. Hi We are doing our 100% to start shipping the Retra Flash as soon as possible. First shipments should start this month and we are expecting it will take 4-5 weeks before all pre-orders are sent. When your order is ready for shipping you will be notified via email with tracking information. Most deliveries will take place in the first half of September. Thank you for your patience and support.
  22. Hello everyone! Since there have been a lot of inquiries this week I just wanted to give a quick update: Right now we are super busy with the pre-production run of the new Retra Flash. At the end of this month we will publish an extensive update on the progress and we will also announce some of the accessories. We are very excited to show you what we've done! The shipping schedule has been delayed a little bit and we expect to start shipping at end of June/early July. An exact shipping date will be published in the update. We'll be in touch soon... Thanks
  23. Hi Wayne, the battery powered triggerfish should work. We are planning our own external optical trigger which will be announced later this year.
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