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  1. Thank you Eric, I will make sure to keep that f stop as high as possible ! )
  2. Thank you very much for your input and the sample photo James! Loved it And I will undoubtedly be doing video too, so good news. Very relieved to read these posts. Will be trying my 20mm in a couple of months (!!!)
  3. Paul, Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the 20/2.8! I plan on putting it behind a 21.5cm dome, so it's awesome to get your feedback regarding the Seacam's wideport and superdome. As to not being 'supported', I understand that this isn't the ideal lens to go buy for UW photography, or the most popular choice for focal length (and fixed on top of it), but so far it's the one I have. And after a couple of PM's and these comments up here, I am getting quite enthusiastic about trying it out and seeing how it works for me I love that it is rectilinear and that it is a tiny lens - I'm also all for fixed focal lengths, so I'm very happy to hear other people have used it successfully, even if it was some time ago! I really appreciate these forums and community, they are definitely the most helpful source I have found so far, and I am sure it will just keep proving its value once I get the housing underwater
  4. I absolutely agree with you Adam, Since this isn't an officially supported lens and I haven't found any user tests of it with Nauticam domes, I am here asking away and hoping to find people who will hopefully not need to make assumptions on its performance as I am doing so far Thanks Onokai! Just wondering which dome size you've paired your lenses with
  5. Thank you very much Adam, I had seen those reviews but I am not sure that the tests on the (edit) nikkor 20mm 1.8 will apply the same way to the 2.8 lens. To start with the 2.8 is shorter in length and I'm assuming it wouldn't need the extension ring. So far I've been suggested many things and all go in opposite directions. Some say that I may see the dome's hood on my photos and wood need to crop, others that I need the extension ring, etc. Which is why I came here for help. In other posts they mention this nikkor 20mm 2.8D but they didn't come to conclusions on the thread. I will definitely consider the small dome and fisheye, thanks Adam! To compare the two lenses mentioned I looked at: https://www.dpreview.com/products/nikon/lenses/nikon_20mm_1p8g_ed https://www.dpreview.com/products/nikon/lenses/nikon_20_2p8d
  6. Need help please! I am about to start with underwater photography, looking to buy the Nauticam housing for the D750 and learning all that I can before I buy anything and get into the water with it. Given the big investment, I am aiming to soften the blow by using my existing Nikkor 20mm 2.8D to start with and eventually upgrade to a Sigma 15mm (I am also leaving macro port on hold for a bit). I know the Sigma 15mm will work with an 8.5" dome, but since the Nikkor 20mm isn't one of the officially supported lenses by Nauticam housings, I haven't found any information of the 20mm working with this same port. I wanted to hear from people that have tested it out and to hear what they thought about it, if the images coming out are decent enough and know if a diopter is needed (if so, which one). Any help and feedback will be greatly appreciated. So far dealers are sharing their "gut feelings" and it isn't overly convincing. Thanks!!
  7. James, I was wondering if you had a chance to test the 20mm 2.8D a bit more... I am considering acquiring a housing for my NikonD750 and was hoping that I could use my 20mm 2.8 for wide angle. I have read mixed reviews and have yet to confirm that Nauticam's ports are compatible with that lens, but if I can avoid ALSO buying a lens at this point, it would be awesome. Would love to hear what you've thought of it so far. Thanks!
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