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  1. Cheers for the replys.. your right i dont make things easy! Anyother thoughts other than those already expressed. The canon and fuji are both looking like a good options though. Joe
  2. Hi all, Im looking to get my first u/w camera rig. Basically it will be taken with me on my spearfishing trips to capture a few pics here and there.. however i foresee it getting a lot of use in the end. I dive primarily in the UK so slightly green low vis water is the norm, Im also a freediver so require something small and compact and quick to use (focus, set, shoot etc) obviously i dont have the bottom time for fiddling with settings etc that the scuba divers do. Most photos will be in 10-15m of water but some will be deeper 30m or so. Also not looking to spend a fortune but need a rig that will give nice results that can be blown up to wall size prints when i take something im proud of. Cost as ever is an issue so would like to keep it down, im not adverse to using second hand gear... ebay is my friend! My original thouhts were an olympus SP350 and Olympus housing, due to the water conditions i'd want a strobe as well but have no clue on these, however with the 350 being discontinued think i should look elsewhere. The Nikon coolpix P5000 is looking tempting, so now over to you guys make me some suggestions on camera, housing and strobe please. As a side note think i'll have to avoid Ikelight housings just cant afford them and they look a lot bulkier than others, although their reputation is second to none. Thanks in advance Joe
  3. I know this has been asked again and again, even by me but just wanted a current view on whats availiable. Basically im a freediver/spearfisher looking for a digital camera and housing or even a dedicated u/w digi cam to take with me, my criteria are: Cost.. must be cheap, by cheap im hoping under £500 for the full setup (guess thats around $1000) Ease of use, most of my shots will be 'grabbed' as situations arise but a few will be more composed however freediving i wont have the time to play with settings constantly underwater and probably will only take one or two shots of a subject before heading back up. Size.. this is pretty important as i want minimal weight and bulk which will cause drag Quality.. obviously i want as much quality as i can get both in picture quality and quality of the gear Prints.. most prints would be 6x4 or 8x10 but there are one or two situations a year that i would love to have blown up BIG like the basking shark i dived with this year (and got some cracking photos of with a cheapo disposable u/w film camera) Tweakability.. want as much option to correct my shooting errors on the pc as possible! Anyway suggestions welcome bring them on...! Joe
  4. Cheers for that. So i can just use say a sunpak strobe sensored off the cameras flash, are there any issues when using this, like times it wont trigger say in certain camera modes i might wish to use etc? Cheers Joe
  5. Hi all, as a beginner this whole strobe thing has me confused, i understand the reasoning behind and need for a strobe etc etc but im looking at an oly sp350 camera and oly housing, what strobe can i get that will work in conjunction with this? All the other setups ive seen use an oly flash and housing as well as a strobe, thats an expense i'd rather avoid if possible.. all advise appreciated.. Cheers Joe
  6. Thankyou guys will definately check them out, interested to hear from anyone using a similar setup to what im after as i forsee much of my shopping being done via ebay or perhaps secondhand as im on a pretty strict budget. Thanks, Joe
  7. Hi all after a few short discussions here its been decided to bite the bullet and get my first u/w setup and its gonna be digital, im a freediver so its got to be compact waterproof to about 30m and preferably as short a focus/lag/reload time as possible cuz i cant stay there all day! Anyway at present im swaying towards the oly sp-350 and oly housing... any other similar priced options appreciated (the 350 and housing is about my price range) I am also aware i'll be needing a strobe so suggestions on this appreciated, sun pak has been mentioned but i cant find much out about them.. oh and while we are at it someone more experianced share with me any other little odds and sods you need to get which you always forget about! Just so you know as i said im a freediver diving up to 30m in the UK (so yes low light and low viz!) but so much life! All ideas appreciated... mainly hope to do some shots of wrecks, fellow divers, fish shoals and scenery as well as possibly working to some macro shots as well. Cheers Joe
  8. Thanks for that, guessed as much... anyone got some shots with this camera or simila that i can check out? Joe
  9. Well thanks guys, thing is im a freediver and use the camera as a handy addition to my spearfishing, when things get slow i snap a few shots, what sort of size prints could i get from say the cannon or sp350? I mean useable ones that can be displayed at home etc? My main worry is the cost of a strobe etc for a digital setup what options do i have for each of the mentioned cameras? and could i use the one that would come with the motormarine film camera (cant remember the make but think it cames as standard with the motormarine EX-11 setup) Joe
  10. Hi all im a freediver, and recently wished i had a decent u/w camera so im now in the market.. i know all the talk is digital these days but the prices are scaring me somewhat.. i want a camera i can do both close up and scene work with to a depth of 30m and being in the UK as most places a strobe is essential. The pictures will mostly be for me and my familys enjoyment but ive seen a few things that if photographed i'd love to have blown up for a nice framed picture. Thing is ive been offered a Motormarine II-EX amd strobe for £50 i know they are discontinued now and cant find much info on them anyone used one and how do they perform.. is it gonna be suitiable or should i bite the bullet call the bank and go digital? Joe
  11. Hi all, i am looking for my first u/w camera till now ive often grabbed one of those cheap disposable things when needed but missed so many great shots because its been too deep or no flash etc etc. My question is this, im on a strict budget, and definately still learning the art of U/W photography. From reading around ive decided something along the lines of a oly sp-350 and housing is a good starting point however add the cost of that and a strobe and things are out of my budget.. and as for a digital slr.. forget it just the housing costs more than my car! So what else is on the market? Im a freediver so would ideally like something not too cumbersome, the photos will be for my own enjoyment and for friends and collegues i'd like the option of blowing one or two of my better ones up to a respectable size to be hung on the wall but im not trying to get them published or sell them.. but in the future who knows? Would anyone care to make me 3 suggestions of a complete set up.. one bargin basement.. one middle of the road and one for when im feeling flush!? On a side line is film really dead.. i know its a pain and digital is so much easier to work with.. but ive been offered a motormarine II-EX and strobe for £50 is it too good a bargin to pass up and anyone got any opinions on it? Cheers Joe
  12. Hi Ce4jesus, i like your rig.. as you probally know (you replied to my other post) im looking at something similar and i was just wondering about your flash and housing, i had seen them for sale but didnt realise it could be mounted away from the camera as you have there so had discounted it as an option. I assume the connectors you have pictured are waterproof!? And were they part of the flash/housing deal or where did you get them and do you have a part number or similar? Thanks Joe
  13. Hi anyone who has seen my other threads will know im considering buying a cheapish set up to take some pictures of my freediving and spearfishing exploits. I dive almost exclusively in the UK aside from my occasional holidays so water is generally green murky and full of particulates although despite beliefs otherwise occasionally we do get nice clean water with good viz! Anyway back to the point im now thinking of an olympus Sp350 and PT030 housing. I know enough to know any photos i take are likely to be green and dark and generally pretty naff without lighting of somekind so what are the suggestions? Bearing in mind im on a tight budget so cheap is good, as is small and light (freediving and huge weight/size dont mix) and im after photos for my own and familys enjoyment but a system i can learn and grow with without shelling out on new gear six months down the line.. if anyone here dives in the UK and has similar setups and pictures they can post then please do! Thanks Joe
  14. Hi all this is my first post on your site so not sure if its in the correct place.. if not please feel free to have a web bod shift it somewhere else. Anyway here goes, im a freediver in the uk diving regularly in up to 30m of water.. usually slightly murky! I currently spearfish a lot but after trying a friends underwater camera i want to branch out into still photography.. for mine and my familys enjoyment not as a proffession. What i really want to know is what camera and housing should i consider.. i have heard really good things about the olympus C5050 but an ikelite housing is out of my budget and the PT015 housing has been discontinued. So ideally im looking for a housing of similar price to the PT015 (they run at about £150 in the UK) and a camera that will be easy for a relative beginner but also allow me to grow and get some excellent quality shots without having to trade it in in a year. The option of having some larger than 4x6 prints made up appeals too.. should i ever get a shot worthy so i gather i'll need a camera with as high a number of effective pixels as possible.. in short what camera and housing do you suggest.. to give you a guide to my budget an olympus c5050 would have set me back £170-£200 and its housing £150 i can stretch this budget a little but not much. and dont mind second hand cameras but am wary of second hand housings as i'd rather have the peace of mind! Thanks Joe.
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