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  1. Very interesting!! Thanks very much for the info. Mark
  2. Have had a look around and I think this is a blue jellyfish - Cyanea lamarkii, and sea louse - Eurydice pulchra.
  3. Can anyone ID this jellyfish and its contents - Criccieth, N. Wales. Thanks
  4. Thanks Paul but I don't think I'll be taking photos to measure relative lengths of leg parts in order to ID - swimming crab will do for now! Mark
  5. Cheers Paul - never heard of it! Mark
  6. Thanks Jim - I'll take a look. Mark
  7. Thanks Lesley - think it's the proboscis - they seemed to be out searching for food when I came upon them! Mark
  8. Does anyone recognise these crabs? Swimming crabs - I thought marbled - Liocarcinus marmoreus. Many thanks Mark
  9. Saw a number of these out on the sand - quickly disappeared into their holes when flash went off. Thanks Mark
  10. Thanks folks. Over in Connemara at the moment Paul, so can't help with the beach clean! Mark
  11. Found these on sandy bottom in 4-5m off Criccieth in N. Wales - can anyone help with ID please? Harbour crab eating a ? worm Another type of worm? Closed anemones? Many thanks folks, Mark www.marknthomasimages.co.uk
  12. Thanks for the ID Jim. Had a look round the Marlin site but missed it. Cheers Mark
  13. I'll go with that - thanks Gary.
  14. Wondered what the red tendrils are in front of the gobies. Aughrus pier, Connemara - 5-6m depth. Sandy bottom. Thanks again Mark
  15. Does anyone recognise this beastie? Approx. 2cm long crawling along sand, 4-5m depth. Criccieth beach, N. Wales, 2 weeks ago. Many thanks Mark
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