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  1. Very interesting!! Thanks very much for the info. Mark
  2. Have had a look around and I think this is a blue jellyfish - Cyanea lamarkii, and sea louse - Eurydice pulchra.
  3. Can anyone ID this jellyfish and its contents - Criccieth, N. Wales. Thanks
  4. Thanks Paul but I don't think I'll be taking photos to measure relative lengths of leg parts in order to ID - swimming crab will do for now! Mark
  5. Cheers Paul - never heard of it! Mark
  6. Thanks Jim - I'll take a look. Mark
  7. Thanks Lesley - think it's the proboscis - they seemed to be out searching for food when I came upon them! Mark
  8. Does anyone recognise these crabs? Swimming crabs - I thought marbled - Liocarcinus marmoreus. Many thanks Mark
  9. Saw a number of these out on the sand - quickly disappeared into their holes when flash went off. Thanks Mark
  10. Thanks folks. Over in Connemara at the moment Paul, so can't help with the beach clean! Mark
  11. Found these on sandy bottom in 4-5m off Criccieth in N. Wales - can anyone help with ID please? Harbour crab eating a ? worm Another type of worm? Closed anemones? Many thanks folks, Mark www.marknthomasimages.co.uk
  12. Thanks for the ID Jim. Had a look round the Marlin site but missed it. Cheers Mark
  13. I'll go with that - thanks Gary.
  14. Wondered what the red tendrils are in front of the gobies. Aughrus pier, Connemara - 5-6m depth. Sandy bottom. Thanks again Mark
  15. Does anyone recognise this beastie? Approx. 2cm long crawling along sand, 4-5m depth. Criccieth beach, N. Wales, 2 weeks ago. Many thanks Mark
  16. I get the pop up on PC at home and at work - using Google and IE.
  17. Hi Nick Thanks for helping with the ID - shame about the gonads!! Mark
  18. Thanks Leslie - haven't been able to ID this for past year! Mark
  19. Connemara, Ireland - June 2011. Approx 2-3cm long.
  20. Hallo Back in May 2009, Natural History Museum, New York, contacted me for a photo to use on front cover of the August edition of their magazine. We agreed fee etc and photo was subsequently used. However, I've not received payment despite many emails & letters. In fact I have had no response at all. The person I dealt with has since lost her job with the magazine but passed me details of the owner, Charles Harris - he has declined to answer my emails/letters. I have a friend who is a barrister so will be asking his advice as the next step in claiming the fee due. Mark
  21. Hi Adam Don't use Wetpixel much but couldn't resist when I saw your "cold water and sturgeon" forum! Like your photos, esp close ups - we've not been up for a couple of weeks, 4'C last time!! Must be warming up now!! Mark
  22. Hi Not tried feeding them yet!! but here's a couple of photos showing the mouth you describe Jack, taken in the same place. Mark
  23. Hi John I have one that I haven't used for a couple of years - used with my F90X. Now gone digital with YS110s. It's still in it's box with O rings etc, has a few scratches but in vg condition. Let me know if you're interested. I live in UK. Mark
  24. Thanks for the comments. I'm old and daft enough not to take criticism personally, but it seems unfair to slag off the judges. I have never understood how judges choose one image over another - each comp has its own criteria I suppose and photography is as subjective as any other art form. Don't know what the prize is yet Mark
  25. Thanks for the constructive criticism - a photo taken in a UK quarry coming first, hold the front page! Maybe the judges liked it because it was different. Ask them. For me, diving is a hobby. I have to do a day job to pay for it. Started entering comps last year as a bit of fun, so to be placed in a comp was a fantastic surprise. The BTS comp is for amateurs I believe so maybe the winning entries were chosen to reflect this. Shame we can't all reach the exalted standards of the Wetpixelers. No offence taken or intended by the way - life is too short. Mark
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