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  1. As a follow up, the response to the inquiry I sent to SeaVision sounds promising: For those of us needing additional help and not finding a solid solution, this might be the way to go if DiveOptx add on diopters don't help. Before I end up going that route, I just received a set of 1.75x lenses and have attached them to the inside of my Mares Viper freedive mask - I will be giving them a thorough test in the pool tomorrow during my PFI Safety Supervisor pool requirements as I need to be able to clearly read my SUUNTO D4F AND D2 freediving computers. Will apprise on my findings accordingly.
  2. I've sent an inquiry so waiting to hear back from them.
  3. Lasik isn't in the foreseeable future for me due to cost - I get the lenses need to be attached as far down the lens as possible but given that I have 2 of the same mask, and attaching the lenses to both would basically not have any issues as long as they will work I think I should be good. I've had a couple of people, including my freedive instructor suggest prescription lenses but even those make my pocket book convulse... All I need to be able to do is read my camera back LCD and my freedive computer...Hope this pans out
  4. I should have been more precise in my wording - Yes I suffer from Astigmatism, but my initial request has to do with using something akin to OTC readers so that I can read things up close (Freedive COmputer, Camera back in housing, etc) - From what I'm gathering there isn't a solid solution and it's an ongoing Kludge to make something work half way decently... I've ordered a set of those Dive Optx bifocal lenses for the bottom portion of my mask - guess I'll find out how well they actually work for my needs...
  5. I visited their website - biggest challenge is these masks aren't really designed as low volume freediving masks - an issue for those of us breath hold diving... I appreciate the response so far... Need to come up with another solution for both my freedive computers and the back of my housing... wondering if there are magnifiers that can be attached internally on the housing (I'd much prefer a magnified finder but that's out of the budget for the time being)
  6. For the past couple of years, I've begun to struggle with astigmatism that is genetic within my immediate family. I've been a hold out for as long as possible but now I'm really struggling with reading my freedive computer, settings on the back of my camera, etc and trying to find a corrective solution for my primary and backup masks. I do use readers for working with my iPad Pro and iPhone while relaxing and wondering if anyone has experience with the Dive Optix magnifiers for a pseudo bi-focal vision setup for shooting underwater. I've got a pretty good idea what magnification to get but before I invest in ordering a set, wanted to get feedback from others here if they recommend them or if there is another option I'm not aware of. Thanks in advance.
  7. Same with the new Panasonic BGH1 hence why I'm looking at the GH5. I'm not looking to go to network broadcast at the present time given what's available for internet broadcast platform options. What I do want is the ability to record in 4K 60p in 422 but I can't seem to decipher what the GH5 is capable of in that regards.
  8. I've also been looking at Z-Cam... As a freediver, I want a very compact, yet HQ system... GH5/GH6 seems to be that but who knows...
  9. If I were doing street and documentary photography only (Which I've done as a photojournalist and documentary photographer for over 30 years) Yes I would invest in Fuji - specifically the XE and X-Pro series cameras for documentary and street photography work. But given all that the worldwide pandemic has wrought on photographing people, I'm making the serious jump to shooting underwater hence my questions and absolutely not in putting my energies into Fuji for shooting underwater. I'm making a serious decision about shooting video so I'm basing my decision making primarily on how much I have invested in Olympus gear (3-Pen-f bodies, 2-EM5 bodies, 8mm fisheye, 12mm f/2, 17mm f/1.8, 25mm f/1.8, 30mm Macro, 45mm f/1.8, 75mm f/1.8, 9-18mm, 14-42mm & 40-140mm zooms, FL-300 flash, Olympus Housing for EM5's with Inon Dome port) - as you can see I'm heavily invested in Olympus and wondering if I'm in a dead end system. I know the announcement just recently became official around JIP, but I don't want to be left holding the bag and losing my shorts if that goes sideways in the next year or so. I understand Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is m43 mount and I am looking at that option but the Nauticam housing sticker shock and port is pretty depressing. I'm also debating Panasonic Gh5/GH6 as well but unsure on that front. Since I'm a freediver only (currently working on my PFI Freedive Instructor Cert) I won't be needing to go very deep (maximum 20 meters) and my focus will be on large marine life such as whales, dolphins, seals, manta rays, as well as other freedivers. I won't be using lights unless I absolutely have to. I have avoided larger cameras/lenses specifically because of weight and size. That's been the beauty of micro four thirds, alot of gear fits in a smaller bag and is lighter as well.
  10. Why will APS-C be dead sooner than MFT? Fuji (as an example) is only APS-C except for the medium format cameras. No FF - not saying you're wrong, just wondering what leads you to make such a statement?
  11. One option I have thought about is the gradual transition to Panasonic since I won't lose my investment in all my glass. Panasonic's video codec is much better (I've seen underwater footage from the GH5 - pretty amazing IMO), yet I have no experience with how their still images look in post. I went all in with Olympus in 2015 as a result of a friend/colleague who is a 2 time Pulitzer winning photographer and an Olympus Visionary. I tested against my APS-C Canon bodies and lenses and didn't see an appreciable difference in IQ at the time. I've experienced some technical issues with m43, basically what appears to be less dynamic range in more difficult lighting situations and a fair amount of sensor noise above 1600 ISO which is where I keep my cameras maximum ISO range at in my land based documentary work. Olympus video specs are lackluster at best and why I mention potentially moving to Panasonic - they seem more stable as a company and given the GH4/5 series (with a potential GH6 based on rumors) shooting 4K and IBIS in the GH5 currently, it seems like a lateral move to keep my investment in what I have in lenses. I hope at some point the manufacturers hit a homeostasis point with cameras like back in the days of shooting film - but given camera bodies are now as important - if not more so than lenses - I doubt that will happen. When it comes to bodies, housings and ports - it's only money right?
  12. Thanks Chris for your response - I do love my Olympus system but wasn't sure if I was missing out or should be concerned with Olympus selling off their camera division to JIP. I still shoot my documentary and street photography and would prefer to keep all my gear the same for ease of use. You're right about Olympus and their video codec - although I hear the EM1mk3 and EM1X seem to do a better job for video - but then there's the added cost of buying one! I also ave an Olympus TG Tracker and a GoPro that I could mount on top of a still housing and just shoot that way for the time being I suppose. Given my depths don't typically exceed 10-15 meters while freediving, ambient light shouldn't' be too big an issue depending on time of day.
  13. After having shot Olympus for several years in my documentary and street photography, and the recent announcement of Olympus selling off its camera division to JIP, I'm debating whether to dump all my Olympus gear or stick it out. I'm heavily invested in Olympus topside (5 bodies, 8 lenses, 3 TTL strobes) and debating whether to add an Olympus housing to my equipment list. I've considered switching out completely to SONY a6xxx for all my work but I truly love the compact form factor of m43. My issue is Olympus is really lagging on the video codec end of things - Panasonic is much better on that front but I want the ability to switch back and forth easily between stills and video while freediving. I'll be shooting ambient light only, primarily concentrating on large pelagic marine life, other freedivers, seascapes, etc. I can use/get either the Olympus 9-18 or either of the 8mm fisheye lenses from Olympus or Panasonic. Typical shooting depths no more than 15-20 meters maximum with 10 meters being the norm depending on water clarity. If I can move to SONY, can their 16mm f/2.8 lens with their clip on fish eye adapter be utilized in a housing with dome port? SONY doesn't have the lens options of other brands on that end of the lens spectrum so any advice/input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I'm looking to connect/discuss about specific shooting techniques, post production process etc for those working with Olympus or Panasonic equipment - especially those who are freediving. Want to pick your brains on how to get the best image quality out of the format as I"m trying to make a decision if I should ditch the platform and move over to SONY A6xxx series. Challenge is I'm heavily invested in Olympus gear having 3 bodies, 4 fast primes, 3 zooms plus an Olympus housing and Zen WA-100 port for the housing. Trying to not take the hit financially switching to a new system so I'm inquiring to see who has had success in shooting with these cameras while freediving.
  15. Purchased in August of 2013, seen use in the water once. Mint condition with all boxes and registration cards. Would like $450 + $25 shipping USA only
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